Monday, August 29, 2011

Death Wing Freehand Banner WIP and Finding Help for YOUR Hobby Goals

Just a quick one for tonight folks. I spent all day painting in the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I wanted to get out of the barracks, put some paint down and see what this store was all about. I will write a review about the store for tomorrow, but for now, I figured I would throw a quick WIP of what I am working on right now; my Deathwing command squad banner bearer.

Honestly, I loved the banner bit when I finally put it on, but then I got scared when I thought about the folds and the fact that I was going to have to paint on that surface, but I found something in the blogosphere to help me out with that ...
... and it's only fitting that I looked to From the Warp's Archives once again while painting models in Ron's FLGS. I have looked to the archives in the past, but this Deathwing Redux of mine has really found something useful at every step of the process in the From the Warp archives and as I move into the pigment weathering and sealing stage of the models (whenever I finish them), I will turn there for more guidance.

My hat is off to you once again Ron! As far as the model pictured above is concerned, it is very WIP, but I basically drew the image on the banner using a Micron Sepia pens (also useful in the recesses of the model). I happen to be somewhat talented with drawing (though only like 8% of kids have my problem*), which helped me redraw the banner image from the codex example onto the banner. Then I basically came back and laid down the paint in layers, following examples I have found on FTW's archives and a couple other sites that I recalled methods from (recalling from a long time ago).

Since I took this photo, I have made more progress, though it is not finished yet. I would just like to say that is you are ever stuck in a project, search the archives, but don't stop there. The blogosphere is chock full of great tutorials and excellent guidance for different methods of painting, modelling, priming, glueing ... well you get the idea. It's out there, you just have to find it. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box and leave you with a question: where do you go to find ideas to help with the stuff you are working on? A particular site? Google image searches? The forums? Let's here where you go to get the help or just the inspiration you need.


  1. The Banner looks fantastic.
    In addition, I like the muted palette you used on your Terminators.

  2. Thanks Mags,

    The emotional attachment I have to the Death Wing really makes painting them fun, despite the hours it may take to produce the finished product. I can't wait for Huron to arrive so I can convert him into the ultimate Belial!