Saturday, June 11, 2011

Storm of Magic = Amazing Creatures/ terrain, maybe even for 40k (pics inside)

Old School here with some photos from the upcoming Fantasy release: Storm of Magic! While the models are meant for WHFB, I always wonder what I could do with them for 40k. The least awesome of the offerings are in the top photo, though I like all of that stuff for a Chaos themed board - let's look at the photos below, because after all, we all get exited to see monstrous creatures!

LOOK AT THOSE MONSTERS!!!!! Each one has greater daemon all over them - not to mention the possibilities those kits are going to offer in terms of bits for conversions! So many new wings, claws and ... enough, check out the photos and let's hear what the converters and BIG MC kit fans have to say, I am all ears.

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  1. I see Chaos Exalted Heros on Manticores