Friday, June 10, 2011

Sisters of Battle Commission Complete!

After this army passed around the local scene it finally settled in the loving hands of a local player who wanted it to look awesome as well as just be awesome.

The Judge picked this up a while back and posted about how awesome it was and then promptly sold it. When he bought it I immediately said "You know, I'm a commission painter, right?" I've always had a secret love for sisters of battle and their crazy awesome codex (Yeah, that's right, I said it, go read their codex. AP 1 missiles? Yeah, they got it..)

I was allowed to have creative freedom and for some dumb reason said "Aw, dude, these would look awesome in white!" Opps.....

When doing this scheme I wanted to do a combination of pure and relics. Gold was used as a sign of purity (I'm catholic, I can't help but think that way. And yes, I felt guilty about this project, I can't help that either). The white armor also was for purity and then the bronze/tarnished weapons are a sign of them being revered artifacts.

Any how, here's the flood of pictures.


  1. Those are pretty sweet looking miniatures!

  2. Very Very nice, I've never been able to paint a white power armor correctly.

  3. verdigris looks great. which missile pods are those?

  4. These look fantastic - I love the color scheme!