Monday, June 20, 2011

Chaos Legions Painting Progress; WIP Death Guard Shots

 Old School here just to kick around some WIP photos from my Chaos Legions (I like the sound of that). The Iron Warrior and Black Legionnaire above are 100% done, while the Death Guard is about 85%. As I have messed around with my Chaos Marines for the last ... I think 4 years now (damn), I have tried on different themes and toyed around with different ideas, but one thing has always remained; I love all the original traitor legions in their current heretical state.

Instead of trying to fight it anymore by picking one and sticking to it, I am going to just make the models and paint the legions I want as I think they would look the best. I rather like this idea as all of the traitor legions have taken some serious hits in fighting over the last 10,000 years - so fighting together with loose and treacherous alliances makes sense and satifies my hobby needs too.

I have had some computer troubles recently, so I too some photos on my phone of the Plague Marine Squad I just revamped and if you aren't too picky about cell phone photos, here are some pics

 This guy here was the first Plague Marine I ever made on my own. I wanted to make some custom sculpts for my Death Guard since EVERYONE owns the Forge World or the GW ones. Since I made these, I have been asked if they were Forge World or what company made the bits. I take it as the ultimate compliment and just hope my painting skills are lending justice to the models.

Here are three of the first squad, the fellow with the melta gun was given a "mossy" treatment with a couple patches or rougher coat and darker washes in those areas. The middle Marine used to be an old techmarine model, which turned out pretty well with the hose on the helmet and the lurched position of the helmet. The fellow on the end was the one pictured above. Like I said, all of these guys are about 85% done.

Here are the other members of the first squad, each again is custom. I think i went a little crazy with the "dirty hairy" melta gunner in this one, but I prefer to think that the diseased growths are a mark of nurgle's favor, so the more you have, the more baller you are in terms of Papa Nurgle. I personally like the guy on the right the most for the grime plastered out of his vox grill all over his chest. The paint scheme was pretty simple and I will share that in a later article when I show off some finished Death Guard models.

Here is the full WIP 1st squad, numbering the sacred number 7, including their Champion there with his possessed backpack and Plague Fist (Matt Ward moment). I like the feel of the paint scheme all in all. I wanted some bright, irritated flesh growth on the armour and bellies to help catch attention and to break up the dull green everywhere.

Here is one last look from the backside. Hopefully, I will end my computer woes soon and get some finished pics up of these guys and more of my Chaos projects soon enough. Let me know what you think of my creations, I am all ears!