Monday, May 16, 2011

Wait… Steve… no Leman Russ? What’s wrong?

That is an exact question asked to me when I revealed my new list to a few people a couple weeks ago at Evolution games. I understand why as well, as I have for the longest time been a big proponent of the Leman Russ tanks and all the glorious damage they bring. I have won more than a fair share, or taken second, in enough tournaments to have proven my point of their power and durability if properly played and supported with the rest of your army (once again I preach balance in a list and how that makes entire codices better if used). However that does not mean I do not like to vary up my lists every once in a while and as such with the recent purchase of 3 Vendettas/Valkyries I decided it was time to take a look at some other ideas, and I built the following list with a little extra input from The Judge and Samsquanch Monster.

HQ 1 – Primaris Psyker
HQ 2 – Primaris Psyker
Elite – Psyker Battle Squad 10 man
Troop 1 – Vet squad 3xMeltagun and Demolitions
Troop 2 – Vet Squad 3xPlasmagun and Grenadiers
Troop 3 – Vet Squad 3xPlasmagun and Grenadiers
Fast 1 – Valkyrie w/Multiple Rocket Pods
Fast 2 – Vendetta
Fast 3 – Vendetta
Heavy 1 – 2xBasalisk
Heavy 2 – 2xBasalisk
Heavy 3 – 2xMedusa w/Bastion Breacher Shells

I know what you are thinking after reading that list… “WOW IT’S SO BADASS!” Ok that is a lie, you were thinking… “Basilisks? Really? Basilisks?” actually that is one of the thoughts given to me by multiple different people, wondering why I did not instead grab more Medusas, however my reasoning is thus: I like the fact that Basilisks can fire indirectly, being both Ordnance and Barrage gives them some nice bonuses even if they do have a long minimum range for firing like this, however because they can still fire directly afterwards, they still have a nice punch, and being STR9 and AP3 large blast templates it makes them scary to everyone out there. Plus if I am firing at troopers with the Ordnance + Barrage they have to take their pinning checks at a -1. That is right… I hear your cringing out there Space Wolves; negative leadership is a bane to your existence. Besides those two factors I think I can keep people away and out of the minimum range of the basilisks with the use of my troop choices in the Vendettas and Valkyrie by pushing into their face fast. Also the PBS gives me a scary thing that is out of a transport to think about but easily able to hide in cover.

Obviously this list has its downfalls, a drop pod/deep strike list might give it lots of problems if I rely too heavily upon the blast templates to take out everything which is why the troop choices have a bit of extra survivability and their fast movement makes it rough for a drop pod army to catch up to them without putting themselves out there far too thin. Only having tested this list once and against Tau at that, I cannot say how well overall this will do, but I can say it was a –TON– of fun with the ability to fire off 9 blast templates a turn your scatter dice will be getting a lot of work, so you better treat the fellow nice.

If you try the list out let me know what you think, I would definitely be interested in anyone else’s feedback on it.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Hmm... you got the questioning part right but the question I will ask wrong... - Why so many psykers... (and yes basilisks aren't that bad), I understand the 3 or none tactic, but I usually take just one primaris psyker and am okay - wouldn't it be better to drop at least one of them and use the points on something that would be more reliable in dishing out shots?

    I am not sure that you have enough firepower to take out MASSED tanks, but I haven't even started building my valks/vendettas ye so I don't know.

    One thing I am fairly certain about is that you will probably struggle against daemons and FAST armies, deep-strikers can be pressed out with clever deployment, but what happens if you get a biker army attacking you ? Also what would you do about Grey knights - AP3 when they have termies and tanks won't do much methinks...

    Anyway, your list is good but I would be interested to hear your response.

  2. Anything you put on the table with three flying tanks will win, lol.

  3. Dimmy,

    The medusas are STR 10 AP1 small blasts with the breacher shells, the amount of AP2 with my plasmaguns and my lascannons should be plenty to take care of termies and FNP problems.

    As for bikers, they could be an issue however i have STR 9 AP3 blast templates, that means dead bikers, and since i dont allow over saves with the barrage rules their move flat out doesnt help them, and most likely ill have the 36 inch range from one of the two squads.

    As for the Psykers, I have fallen in love with STR 6 weaponry due to the ability of it to pop open razorbacks, rhinos, and chimeras, to kill MCs and to inflict easy wounds onto troops and even the dreaded thunderwolves. with a passed test i get 2d6 shots, which means at least two, at most twelve and on average 7! At Ld 9 he is pretty reliable to pass his test as well.

  4. Personally I like Griffons more than Medusas, but I'm also a fan of mortars in general for guard. I think mortars are very overlooked in current lists.

  5. You and me both Elbrun! You should have seen the look on R3con's face when i broke them out for the DFG vs MI40k game we had in Fowlerville, and then seen his face when they pinned his longfangs! moohaha!

    Why do you like the Griffons more?

  6. So yeah I see a slight kink in the armor there Lord Solar. despite the nice array of artillery and the mobile oppression palaces know and valkyries and vendettas there are not a lot of men on the ground.

    You could run into some serious objective grabbing problems. It would be interesting to play though, you going to be at Evo Wedneday?

  7. I wont be there Wednesday unfortunately, short on money, but i should be starting to get up there more often, I will be there Saturday.

    I have 3 troop squads, which is all my normal list contains, I know it might not seem like it but that is indeed the case.

  8. "and since i dont allow over saves with the barrage rules their move flat out doesnt help them,"

    Er, no. Barrage does not ignore cover save unless the weapon specifically says so (see the Colossus). Barrage measures cover from the center of the blast template. Barrage will have no effect on their Turbo-boost save.

  9. You beating me once does not give the right to use my phrase OST!