Friday, May 27, 2011

It Came From The Forums: Mastiff's Ravenborn Marines, Straight from the Highlands!

Old School here with another It Came From the Forums post, this time, we will look at Mastiff's Ravenborn - A chapter, or should I say, Clan of Space Marines with a Celtic theme that pulls at my Scottish roots (ok, they are a little muddy, but they are there!). Tons of photos here, but let's start with the one that really grabbed me when I saw it the first time; the Wolf Priest here is awesome. The raven themed helmet, the tartan, the glowing weapon and the cut out from the space wolf shield are all excellent touches! Such a great model and no better way to kick off this post ...

 Here is a great example of the kind of attention to detail and extra care that Mastiff put into his models! The conversion work is seamless as is the greenstuff work. I love the burnt orange color and how it works with the blues and black.
 I can only assume that this fellow is marked by the Wulfen or in this case, the raven - either way, he looks great.
 A pack of blue tat sporting Blood Claws. I love the guy with the hammer, his stance and everything is great. I want to know where he got the bitz for that conversion.

 True to the name what would an army created by a guy named Mastiff be without a few of the wrinkle faced fellows to tag along. I love it as it is so true to theme! I cannot help but wonder where these pedigrees came from.
 The dread, I hope, is a stand in for Bjorn, but if not he is still great. The addition of the Ork Powerclaw to fit as a set of talons for the fist is a great way to set the model out from the stock standard. A nice touch.

 These Marines are a good example of the artists work on his regular, helmet wearing Marines. They look great, again, that orange is a very impressive color.

 And here we find the scouts, who look great - as does the wolf guard (I assume) with the raven backpack cut from the old space wolf pack.

 Check out the plasma gun - to - thunderhammer conversions.
 The regular packs are just so cool and the plasma effects are very well done.
 A rune priest with a very nice set of wings.

 ... and as always, this artist has tons more in the gallery including some work that is WIP, like this fellow, who will be part of an Attack bike conversion soon enough! Check out the artist's gallery on Warseer through the link at the bottom of this post.
 ... and be aware that GW stuff isn't the only work he is into, so if you like to spice it up, check out the link at the end of the post for more of this gruesome work as well.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of It Came From the Forums and if you stumble across any work worthy of the series in your travels, shoot it to us at DarkFutureGames(at) For more of Mastiff's work like the Ravenborn, check out his growing gallery at Warseer. Let us know what you think, and if you are a Warseer, then let him know too!


  1. Wow... amazing stuff... the detail on the kilts to give them that tartan look was amazing!

  2. Such an awesome idea and looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

  3. I've played this army at a doubles tournament quite recently. It is indeed an awesome piece of work. Not only is he super talented, but the nicest guy ever. His team even won the sportsmanship award.

  4. The dogs look like the old Marauder Dark Elf Beastmaster warhounds - not 100% sure though.

    That army is fantastic, great idea and beautifully painted.

  5. Jaw and Floor met at speed.

    The Highlander Marines are utterly amazing.

  6. wow those are awsome! now if he couuld have some teeny tiny highland terriers to go with it.....