Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CVinton's Adepticon Championship round up!

Cvinton here for my adepticon championship round-up! (Finally, right?)

Above is what I brought I put all the finishing touches on my guard, packed them all up in two army transports and was the first teasing victim of the trip; I packed like a girl. But hey, at least I beat all the DFG staff in the tournament so there! I placed 78th overall out of the something like 250 people which to me, isn't bad. However, I did go 2-2 which to me, is bad. Everyone likes to blame bad rolls and I check myself every time I say it, but honestly, my luck turned to garbage at one point in the 3rd round and for the most part my units I expected to produce did not, i.e manticores and psyker squad. Next year I hope to be way more solid, and definitely learned a thing or two about 'big-boy' tournaments.

So here is my list, in a nut shell. (If anyone wants the juicy bits of any of the lists, I'm happy to provide)

HQ- CCS in chimera with 4 plasma
Elites- Battle pskyer squad x8 in chimera
x3 vets in chimera with 3 plasma
x2 vets in chimera with melta
Fast- x3 Vendettas
Heavy- x2 manticores

Round 1

vs Tom"s Shrike Terminator deathstar

Term assault
squad x8 (5 hammers/3claw
ironclad in pod
dread w/assault cannon
tac squad x5 with fist in razorback w assault cannon
tac squad x10 w melta, missile, power weapon
sniper scouts x5
Thunderfire cannon (I loved he had this in his list. When I was dreaming up space marines I wanted 3. So so so so cheap)
x2 Landspeeder typhoons in a squadron
Land Raider with multi-melta

The table set up really sucked for this guy and since I won first turn I was able to punish his deployment by keeping the two neutral table quarters free of stuff form him to deploy within 12" of me. This really neutralized the infilitrating terminators and immediately put me at an advantage.

I really systematically put the screws to this list. His iron clad dropped down first turn and blew the gun off the manticore but I had anticipated that (because I am also smart enough to put my left shoe on my left foot....) and stuck a melta squad by it which in turn blew it and its pod up in subsequent turns.

My vendettas were able to run around relatively free of harassment because he was rolling pretty bad with his raider either to pen or on the pen result. I think in the end, he blew off a las cannon on one.

I really just worked down the list of highest threat to lowest, blowing up the speeder squadron and t-fire (really, because they were the easiest) then the land raider, the walking dread, the razorback and squad, and finally the scouts.

My battle psykers were able to deal with the death star except for one turn in which they actually rolled double flippin' 1's to not run. That cost me 3 chimeras because I had bunched them up in a bottle neck spot to get some plasma shots off. The fact that he did that really kept me from completely sealing up the game because it wrecked the mobility of my troops to claim quarters and exposed my HQ who was then killed and stopped me from getting the center marker.

Next turn, he did run off the board and I got all stupid wanting to save my HQ from the full tac squad that was killing him. I ran 2 10 man vet squads into combat and Tom was like "ok..." and Lord Steve who was watching just cringed. Thank god I got super luck and he failed 3 out of 4 armor saves to tie combat, otherwise I would have broke and being the last turn counted as destroyed. But, either way, victory 2-0 (quarters and KP, neither got lead by example)

Round 2

vs Tom Rychlik's Eldar

10 wraithguard with warlock with a singing spear
2 war walkers
3 jet bikes, 1 shuriken cannon
wave serpent with 10 banshees
6 dire avengers
grav tank with pulse laser
6 path finders

I've never had to play an Eldar psuedo-deathstar but damn is it hard to kill 10 wraithguard with a rerollable 3+.

My strategy for this match was to force him to spread out so I put the objectives as far away from each other as possible. Luckily when he placed the one in my deployment he put it pretty far from the center objective. My list having 5 scoring units is a huge advantage in these objective missions.

The game was mostly me shooting at his stuff and him making his saves. My new personal goal for my army was to utilize tank shock more, having 9 tanks I should be tank shocking much more than I have. For this game it was almost perfectly executed. I had two tanks lined up to push his wraithguard off the objective, rolled difficult for the first one and got stuck. Second one was fine, drove through the ruins, and pushed them back away from but not off the objective.

To end he had 2 units in my deployment while I had 5 in his, he beat me in KP (I hate KP) and I held one objective to his 0. 2-0 on objectives.

Round 3

vs Gagan Thable (Finished #7 in the Sunday championship)

Librian w fear the darkness and Sheild

Sang Priest
Term Assault squad 3 TH/SS
Landraider crusader w/ Extra Armor and Multimelta

10 Assault Squad
powerfist, 2 melta
10 Assault Squad powerfist, 2 melta
5 Assault Squad, 1 melta
Razorback Las/Plas HKM
5 Assault Squad, 1 melta
Razorback Las/Plas HKM

I really botched this bad. This is where my Adepticon wheels fell off. I tried to spread out the objectives in hopes of being able to beat him in scoring units. IG can't stretch out its scoring units and live the way a 10 man marine squad can.....

Actually, let me pause for a huge rules revelation I had while there. When a unit deep strikes and combat squads, at our shop, we have always played it that you plop down all ten guys in one spot and split them. This was totally wrong and one of those situations where I never questioned it because thats the way its always been. You split, put your two combat squads in two locations and scatter both separately. So, right from the start, my plan was dumb. Live and learn.

Back to the story, for my set up, I screwed this up too, I split my force in half, which is a good bait strat, but I made the bait too much. In one corner I put 2 plasma squads and a manticore and in the other I put everything else. This let him beat on my about 2/3 of my army vs his full army.

Lastly, for my marked unit I picked an assault squad inside a razorback...how retarded. I have no idea why I didn't pick the razorback, because in order to get the squad inside at the very least I'd I have to blow up the razorback. Or honestly, why not pick mephiston, I have 9 twin linked las cannons and a billion plasmaguns. I took him out like a chump. I was an idiot for this match.

To total up my mistakes, I messed up the objectives, I messed up my deployment, I messed up knowing rules, and I messed up my objective choice.

Now, despite all the mistakes, I managed to do pretty well for the first few turns, which boosted my moral a little. This was short lived because around turn three, he had some amazing saves and I had some bad bad shooting and that was pretty much the end of it. I hung myself out thinking statistically I was good, 8 plasma shots from vets into 5 assault marines...2 die. 6 plasma shoots into mephiston who only has 3 wounds left...he lives with 1 wound...Land Raider that has to reroll his successful 5+ cover save vs a melta shot...makes it. Manticore finally hits the Land Raider...makes it 5+ cover. Not a good day to fight the blood angels.

He wraps me up after that, soundly beating me 0-3 and to be honest, I really deserved it.

Round 4

vs Drew Brown

Big Mek kustom force feild, burna
15 Lootaz
5 Meganobz 3 kombi skorch, 2 kombi shoot
30 boyz slugga/chop nob with klaw
30 boyz slugga/chop nob with klaw
28 boyz slugga/chop nob with klaw
3 kanz w rokkitz
3 kanz w rokkitz

How terrible to play this, not get first turn and have a mek in the middle of the board with a line of 30 boyz on either said, 24" away from you? I was pushed basically to the board edge to deploy anything and because of the terrain had to caste up. Dawn of war really neutralized my manticores and because he was able to get boyz to them so quickly I couldn't really use my pie plates to mop up these mobs. Its games like these where I kick myself for never taking Valkyries.

I should have cared a little more about this game and played smarter but after the demoralizing defeat at mostly my own hands I didn't care. His tide came across the board, I put a little bit of a fight, got to laugh manically as I put like 4 heavy flamer templates on the same boyz squad burning it to a crisp, and still not really do much this game.

Every once in a while I get this little bug that says, "Yeah, put a melta squad in that vendetta...it'll be awesome!" and I do it...and then like bring home a fattie from the bar, get that morning feeling of "shit..." And likewise I swear I'll nnneeeevvvveeerrr do it again...but I do. It just makes that already juicy vendetta even juicier.

Actually, I should could have won this by the rules, because we were told at the start of the tourny that at the 15 min mark, finish up your turns and do not start another. At the 15 I had my objectives controlled and had his taken, but still lost in KP (I hate you so much, KP, you're soooo unbalanced). I really should have just said "well, the did say after 15, don't start another round..." but I didn't, because I didn't care. We played out 2 more turns going to 7 and I got mopped up. I let him take a dangerous terrain test on his kan and it got immobilized and wrecked, even though it wouldn't have. That was my little victory dance for being a softy and letting his boyz just run the table on me.

In the end I played 78th. If I had been more assertive in that last game and not filled out my score card like a retard I would have finished 21st, but next year I'll take these lessons to heart and place better, no doubt.

Adepticon was a great time, they announced not one player was given a negative mark which to me was awesome. that means Just under a thousand games of 40k were played and two thousand opinions where given and not one single person said they'd never play someone again. Thats a pretty staggering and really makes me wonder where all this win at all cost, douche bag tourny players are hanging out?

- OST jumping in here with my sexy Green Font! I love that we can still discuss Adepticon after a week, leftovers are soooo good. In all seriousness, I didn't really see any WAAC going on either, furthering my opinion that WAAC is a myth kept alive by folks who have never attended a GT and dream that those of us who do are all horrible people to insulate themselves from some insecurity they have deep inside themselves that they project onto the world rather than just deal with (there is my Dr. Phil moment). Thanks for the great write up and the honest report.


  1. Well, at least you got to go out and have a good time. The blood angels game might have been the product of not playing that variant much since its such a rare list at Evolution Games.

    Hopefully this is a good opportunity for you to take a step back and refine your tactics to bring a even stronger force to the table. (which might make me wet myself when i play you next)

  2. Who, Tom Rychlik is from the Games Workshop that I frequent! He's a pretty cool guy, have yet to play him, but it's kind of cool that you guys got to play against each other!

  3. Tom was pretty cool. We butted heads for a few turns just because he was going really fast with his powers and I was lossing track or missunderstanding what squad got what. But that worked out after I just asked him nicely to recap his powers or would repeat them as he did them so that he would have to pause at least to let me talk and hear me.

    After the game he bought ost and I a drink and we talked and hung out for a bit. I really like my game with him, definitley an assest to the store you guys play at.

  4. KPs isnt unbalanced, it stops people like Guard players spamming a million units of cheap squads...

  5. As a Tyranid player, I can honestly say I prefer kill points to victory points due to the simple fact that I, as a player, can control the amount of kill points I expend against an opponent, while VPs tend to punish me more than my opponent.

    This is because the tyranid player typically will expend many more victory points than his/her opponent acheiving the mission objectives (including kill points).

    I am not saying KPs are fair and balanced, but I will say that they are a better multi-teir mission balance system than some of the alternatives . Some codices are better at low-KP builds than others, which is where the 4th Ed codices can really shine; overall they generally utilize larger units, less vehicles and less random ICs than 5th ed lists, which in turn, benefit from cheaper vehicles, often cheaper troops and an abundance of buffer ICs (looking at you BA). I think for the structure of the missions at Adepticon, a player really needed to adapt their list building to fit the missions, while ensuring they could still hang in a take-all-comers environment.

    The success of Orks and non-T-Wolf wolf lists is a testament to that pricipal in action. Simply put, just like book missions, a player must be prepared to play the mission - not the opponent.

    You had a good showing CVinton and for your first GT, you show promise to be a contender as you hit more GT level events.

  6. Excellent report. One small correction: we did have a few negative sportsmanship marks in Friday's 40K Championships. It was a minimal amount - under 20 total. Honestly, most people did not use the system as intended. There was an overabundance of positive marks, and while I'd much rather people be liberal with those over negative marks, the system still needs a bit of fine-tuning.

  7. @kill/ost. We could totally go to the ins and outs of kp but I want you to compare your results of kp and vp for the same game versus your feelings of how the game went.

    @matthias. I think what happen was I heard that you didn't have to talk to anyone about negative scores and turned it into no negative scores. Thanks for the clairification. Still though, of the number of players and score sheets turned in, you only got about 20ish negative scoes.

  8. I tihnk there is a valid point about KP vs VP, so your 240 point Trygon Prime kills two Infantry platoon squads with GL (110 pts) and its Junior officer squad (30 pts) giving you 3 kill points... I then kill your model which costs 100 points more but am down 2 kill points because of it? Ya that seems fair...

  9. Whats the point in arguing over it? Its a part of the game. Some armies favor KPs as others favor VP. Guard and other armies that bring alot of KPs to the table obviously want VP where as a daemon army or a GK army will favor KPs because they dont give up much.

  10. Alright, let's not let this get off track when comparing apples and oranges in KP and VP. My fault for opening that can of worms. From here on, comments on the reports only, please.

  11. A KP discussion is actuall happening on House of Paincakes right now for those interested in that discussion.

  12. OST, you left some crumbs out and the troll caught wind of them.

    "Argument? Argument! Where?!"

  13. Wow Cvinton im glad to see you did so well. 78th out of like 250ish is really good. Im also glad to see that u didn't take this as a loss but as a learning experience.

  14. thanks, I for sure took this as a growth experience as a player. I got to play a ton of army builds I don't normally get to, every army I played was actually one I don't normally get to, and even broke lose some bad rules/game mutations caused by our inbreeding at the store (not actual inbreeding, but more of the we-only-play-each-other kind of inbreeding that happens in shops)

  15. Makes those trips out to other stores that much better IMO. Gotta venture away from home here and there to see the world so to speak.

  16. Good Reports, Its really cool to see what other people ended up facing that day. Anything top 40 is great in such a large field so don't beat yourself up man.

  17. Chris, it was a great game! I clash rules on the 5 spells per turn with everyone, becuase, as you found, mix that with a 10 man squad of wraithguard and its just a tough nut to crack. Love the write up, and hope to cross with you again! I'll send some pictures over a bit later tonight.

  18. Tom- Its not that I thought something was a miss, I just kept loosing track, that was all. And anyone that wants to get lippy about your wraithguard/fortune squad can eat it. Its eldar, like you need anything else against you! :)

    I always find when people start to nit pick rules its because they feel they've lost control of the game, so I like to see it happen. It means I'm in their head.

  19. Yeah, I had a team rage after 5 turns of not being able to kill a single Thunderwolf...