Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bone Fields bases done right - Mr. Justin aces Gore-themed bases!

Finally, somebody has gotten skull bases right. Instead of the mound of skulls most basing companies produce, Mr. Justin has created a solution that offers the modeler something a little more realistic and user friendly (not to mention an extra bonus ...

... a  hollow base with a slight recess and they come in many sizes, though the most bang for your buck comes from the "All Your Base" deal - but why would you want to hear it from me, when you can hear it from the man himself:

This "All Your Base" package includes a built in 10% discount on a complete set of the "Bone Fields" themed hollow bases featuring an ash textured ground covered in human bones and a hollow body that allows you to use the base as-is or fill it with the blood recipe of your choice to put your models literally ankle deep in gore!
This set includes:

20x 25mm bases

5x 40mm bases

2x 60mm bases (one of each)

All of these bases allow you to face your model in multiple directions allowing for some variation in your army.

This product is sold unpainted and should be washed in cool, soapy water prior to painting.
Master sculpt by "misterjustin"

So, if you are interested in these bases or any other great work from Mr. Justin, check out his site, Secret Weapon Miniatures.


  1. Agreed, it's about time a set up skull bases came out that isn't just skulls. AS if the rest of the skeletal remains decayed :P

  2. It's that fact combined with the ability to fill in some water effects that has me going. I think these will be hot items when chaos comes back around again.

  3. Or Some Shiny Grey Knights with their legs covered in blood as they stalk down a Daemon of Khorne on a hell world. Or even make it a glowing green ectoplasm of some warp influenced battleground.

  4. True, I never really think about the good guys when it comes to modelling but that would be awesome.

  5. Hey, thanks for the plug :)

    I can't wait to see how people use these. I've had someone suggest filling it with green goo for Nurgle players, purple goo for Tyranids and I'm sure someone else will have another unique idea.