Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh the horror... oh the wonder... oh the fun; death by a lasgun.

Saturday, Seer K from Craftworld Lansing hosted a wonderful tournament at our FLGS called “The Test of Khaine” it featured some unique missions which was a greatly appreciated change of pace. The most amazing thing was the turnout with a grand total of 32 participants from all over the state of Michigan. Needless to say this is the largest singles tournament I have seen hosted outside of Adepticon.

Round 1:

The first round was a mission was a capture the middle of the board objective map with table quarters being the setup. We got a big, surprising, and hilarious for everyone who knew joke when I ended up matching with that same Ork player from last week who kicked my butt all over the place, General Chaos from the blogs. As worried as I was, my dice did not betray me now, and the game went my way quickly, and considering we both took the same lists as last week, the new results felt nice. I quickly took the lead with destroying Thrakka’s transport and then forcing him to go to ground to save the entire squad. From there it became a battle of attrition, with me slowly chipping away at the rest of his army. My opponent got a few cracks in at me but in the end it just was not enough for him to win. However as Elites could control the center objective, and I had not put any damage on the Burna boyz and Mek boy as my last turn came as I made one of the worst game play decisions I have had in a long time which cost me the victory. I had a vet squad with melta bombs assault one of his buggies instead of just running to the objective, which I only maybe needed a 4 on a run to get within contesting range. So as I took the secondary objective by storm, and he took primary we split battle points a bit and moved onto the next round. Over all a great game with a great opponent who I will gladly face again, especially as he took first place at this tourney as well!

Round 2:

Second round I faced what was one the best painted armies I have ever seen. Bob, the owner of the army had spent three years painting it, and it showed. As proud as I am of my work because well… its mine, I nearly felt ashamed of being on the same table because my army was not completely done. However that did not stop me from playing him, enjoying the experience, basking in his army, and the happily destroying it one model at a time. This round was standard deployment, with 5 objectives which moved at the start of every turn based on scatter die rolls after turn two. I really enjoyed this variation on the standard objective game as it made things a bit more interesting and would be willing to see it on the table again. Bob was playing eldar, and unfortunately for him was mainly on foot or jet-bike, and in the long run, he just could not get across the board fast enough with the units he needed to and I picked him apart. I will say he was a very good sport about the whole thing, and I hope to see more of him at the local store as he said he just started to get back into the game after a few years off from playing. I also heard rumors from the people who had seen him around in years past he has an amazing Space Marine army, I want to see it, and hopefully one of the guys will have pictures of his army he fielded and post them. With this round in hand I felt confident that if I fared well in the third round I could place.

Round 3:

The third round was quite the draw as I faced a close personal friend of mine, and of this blog in The Judge. He had decided that before Adepticon he wanted to take a break from his list and kick it old school by playing his Black Templar. It had not turned out to well from him so far, but he was not far behind me. His list could give me trouble if Knight Commander Pask decided to take a game off. Luckily for me Pask rose to the occasion. This round was a random objective from a die roll different for each player. I happened to draw “Kill three vehicles” a tall order when three of his four vehicles were Land Raiders and the last was a Vindicator. Needless to say that was a bit intimidating, but my melta-guns and Pask took them out one by one. It started off badly with the spot light from my Chimera hitting a land raider and allowing Pask to take it out, then battle cannon the crap out of the guys who came out. From then on it was kind of rinse, wash, and repeat by the start of turn 5 he had to single men left. The High Marshall and The Emperor’s champion, and after a long round of shooting I took down the High Marshall, however The Emperor’s Champion survived and assaulted my Scout Sentinels in a desperate attempt to survive, little did our poor Judge know that we would go two more rounds, and on the very last round, on the very last assault phase after he destroyed two of the three sentinels I wounded him, and he rolled that so lovely to see one on the armor save and I wiped him, this, along with completing all the secondary and tertiary objectives meant that I grabbed total victory.


Now for what you all are really interested, how did I place? Well to be honest, after the last round I figured I was in a good position, and as such I sat back and waited as our game took a short time compared to others. I sat at the end of three rounds at 4910 Victory points, and 70 battle points. So I was thinking I was in a good position.

As it turns out I was correct. As I already stated General Chaos once again took first place, and this time…

I took second place in battle points; on top of that I also took the most Victory points beating out our own Vogrin by a mere 50 points, a tough defeat for him.

So what did I do with my winnings you ask? Well with the great prize support we got I was able to get myself two more Valkyrie/Vendetta kits, meaning in the span of two weeks I went from having zero to three…. Oh the list possibilities are endless now.
In conclusion, it was an amazing tournament, with an amazing turnout and tons of fun. I hope everyone else enjoyed their day as much as I did.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....


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  1. Nice Batreps, Steve, I think you went from being a player to a potential To back to a player before the tourney actually began, so I would chaulk up that game to a combination of your toughest pairing of the day AND your head was likely a little spun from the action prior to that game.

    You are a good player in charge of a sick amount of fire power and I knew you were going to do well. Perhaps we should test my new nid list against the new valk lists you are prepping.