Friday, March 18, 2011

New Grey Knights - Innocence Proves Nothing

Well, the black box finally arrived at Evolution Games today, and as per my instructions to Farseer ReRolls, I received a phone call letting me know to come in when it did.  Most of it I had picked up from other internet sources, but it was nice to see confirmation and specific wording.  And it was real fun to freak out the Eldar, Chaos, Tau, and Marine players who happened to be listening to me talk about all the nasty things I was going to be able to do to them.  Nobody took me up on my offer of a game, either.

Unfortunately, the store declined to let me take the codex home with me when I had to leave.  Given that, I don't want to start posting my specific reviews without having the book on hand.  So tomorrow, in between rounds of Craftworld Lansing's Test of Khaine tournament, I will be posting thoughts on the codex, and what I see myself taking as Inquisitor Lord Vogrin leads the Grey Knights into the battle.  Also unfortunately, I will not have battle reports for the new Codex - SeerK has declined to allow me to use it in the tourney.  I suppose it might be considered unfair for me to use a codex that NOBODY has seen for more than a day, and which is not officially released yet.

See you all tomorrow.


  1. I fear not the Monkeigh psyker knights. The promised game post Test of Khaine I demand the Grey Knights.

    Eldrad fears not the Aegis or the Paladins

  2. That is, indeed, the codex I had intended to play. :)