Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge:BA Assault Squad

Hello everyone. Hornblower here back with my next entry for the DFG Painting Challenge.

For February, I decided to get a troops selection out of the way, so I worked up a Blood Angel Assault Squad.

For my Blood Angels, I decided to go with a bit of a deeper, darker red than the standard GW version, so they're not as bright as what you're used to seeing for Blood Angels. I did however carry forward with the codex's squad and company markings.

The squad you're seeing here is from the Blood Angel's 4th Battle Company, as depicted by the green blood drop on the right shoulder pad.

Each marine's right knee shows which squad he belongs to. The white X on a blue background represents the 6th Squad.

All of the marines have magnetized jump packs so they can be swapped out with standard backpacks should I decided to deploy them via transport instead. I equipped the Sargent with a power fist and a storm shield for added durability and hitting power.
The squad also totes two melta guns for up close and personal lethality.

Next up: The Death Company


  1. Very nice. I like the idea of magnetizing the jump packs, especially, good versatility. And the darker red looks just fine.

  2. love the squad markings, nice job, very clean lines.


  3. I must say, using the dirtier red has prevented the oh so common christmas tree effect of using red and green together, a very good choice indeed.
    The dirtier colour also takes away that 'im straight off the factory production line' look that overly clean colours can give off.

    I say dirty rather than dark, as it looks like you have mixed the red with black rather than gone for using a darker shade of red, am i right?

    In terms of painting (im a automotive painter by trade) we use blacks to dirty up colours, as it doesnt make them darker persay, as we use whites to make colours look more milky as it doesnt exactly make them lighter.
    These colours do lighten other colours, but not to the extent people would think.

    I also like the muted tone of the squad over all, no shinny surfaces to take away from the natural colours.

    Very fine work indeed.

  4. Thanks. Glad you like them. The red is actually achieved with a base of GW Foundation Mechrite Red. It was then washed with GW Devlan Mud then highlighted via blending with Vallejo Bloody Red.

    Using the wash is essentially like mixing the red with a black like you described above, but gets the recesses nice and dark to add more depth to the models.