Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge: Katie's Trygon

Here's a special treat that I'm pretty happy to unveil. Katie's first ever 40k model! Katie is a real life friend of mine who is married to my BFF, MattC. Katie had resisted 40k pretty well for the years that Matt and I played but it turns out she cracked and is full on into the nids now.

He turned outgreat. I'm a big fan of the color scheme, good usage of warm and cool colors with a nice balancing neutral color.

I like that she added a little touch of personality in the base with that red berry. To scale the thing is huge and totally suggestive of some kind of alien plant life.

Good work, Katie, this guy is great looking and we hope to see more of it in the future!


  1. That's an awesome paintjob, not just for a first ever, but for anyone. I'd guess previous art ability.

  2. Nice looking monster!! Pretty good job.

    Congrats! ;D

  3. I really like the colors and if this is your starting point, you will be cranking out beautiful monsters in no time. Oh, and the base is great. The plants are a nice touch and the Static grass is just right (some people go a little overboard with it).

  4. Thanks guys! I had a ton of fun painting this guy and look forward to the many, many nids still to be done. Next up: Tervigon.

    I have background in oil painting, acrylics, watercolors, sculpting and a little foray into mini painting a decade or so ago (painted a troop of Skaven for Mordheim once).

    What I really want is some tips on how to improve from here. Specific suggestions to help get my mini painting to top-notch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  5. You can always start here :)

    I also link to plenty of other great sources, and every monday pick the best of what I see. You can also scroll back through previous Weekly Updates.

  6. Just noticed the tip on the tail, nice touch.

  7. Very nice. Your art background definitely shows through.