Monday, March 7, 2011

DFG Painting CHallenge: CVinton's Psyker Battle Squad

Finally after missing a week I'm back on to the painting challenge. This time I bring the best 165 points you can spend in the IG codex: Battle Psykers.

I have another squad to do and in order to keep them separated I'm designating them with colors. This is obviously red squad and the other squad I have is blue squad. They also each have a dedicated chimera that is currently half done (I've been done with these for a few days and working on that as my next post).

I only put a table top quality on the squad just because its spring break and I really want to get as much of my IG force done. Considering I just added about 90-100 infantry men to my army I have a long way to go!

Here are examples of each of the three different poses you can get in a blister.

I wanted them to be of different enough style than my army that they didn't seem like part of the regular existing force and instead something of a specialty addition to the company on loan from some other branch.

However, on a hobby level, I tied them into my existing army by painting their sash grey to match the grey and black theme. The overseer has the same camo pattern on one of his shoulder pads as well as his canteen and knife are the same style as the canteens and knives on the infantry squad.

I achieved the nice smooth gold of the staff with the airbrush. I also base coated the robes with many layers of various shades of red. Both of these were washed with black. Just another reason for everyone to get an airbrush....

The overseer is a Last Chancer. I can't remember his name specifically but I picked him because I really like the model for an overseer. I've always imagined that if you were the guy who's job it was to kill these psykers if they got a little squirrely it'd be a pretty rough life. Imagine for a minute that you're in a minivan with 8 or 9 weird guys that collectively can set off an explosion similar to a lump of C-4 and suddenly you kill a few of them. Don't you think the remaining guys might not agree to your presence? Psykers or not, they're even better armed than you.

For the blood I mixed scab red and a touch of brown with a high gloss varnish.

A big focus on these models was the skin. I used a purple/red wash on the flesh to make it look inflamed and painful. I did the bandaged half on the overseer in this way and then the other half with a traditional sepia colored wash.

I can only imagine how infected these implanted electrodes must get through out their life and how much irritation that would cause. The administration of the future doesn't seem to pour money into anything that IG has so I bet their health care isn't that great.


  1. Nice work Vinton. Very pretty. I really wish you had gone with a Red/Green squad but thats just he hill billy in me.

    On a side note. Ill be dropping my first DFG Painting challenge with 6 kill points of rhinos/razor backs/preds.

  2. Very Nice sir.

    So I know its not like me to not paint my own guys, but I wonder if You and OST might try your hand with a Dark Eldar entry in the painting contest for one week.

    I have a Lelith and Lady Malys that need some paint.

  3. It's nice too see that Cage has found another life besides trying to kill Schaffer.

  4. @Alexander- Nah man, that guys grease monkey, cage was a character in the novels but not in the minis. Got the old chapter approved of them on my comp, you got- Schaeffer, hero, ox, brains, demolitions man, shiv, scope, grease monkey, rocket girl, fingers, animal and warrior woman.
    That guys crime was stealing the grav vehicle of the iyanden craftworld ambassador. you can see the head set n cable of a tank crew runnin down the front of his jacket.

    @CVinton- good work mate, and good way of seperated the squads up with the colours. too much effort to convert such solid and static positioned models, so i definately think the colours will help seperate them from each other.

    best 165pts you can spend eh? ive yet to see or hear about them being used, care to give some insite on them to a fellow guard (ok, traitor guard then) player?

  5. I am sure Cvinton will elaborate on that fact as he makes great use of them often, running death stars off the board.

    By the way, CVinton, nicely done, but I am already nearly done with another! Ooh, the heat!

  6. Its spring break. I'll be starting my fourth kp since I posted these (yes, meaning I've completed 3 potential posts since this). I just didn't want to flood the blog....but if you're trying to throw the 'who can paint the fastest' gauntlet we can go there...

    Just let me know. :)

  7. Damn, I didn't know it was Spring Break! I thought I was going to get to have some fun bullying you!