Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sarcasm May Net You Prizes! Witty Contest!

Old School here to help get the word out about a potentially hilarious contest being held over at Sons of Taurus; Hyberbowl 2011. The contest will call for wit and sarcasm on a level often reserved for after-game bull-sessions at the FLGS and if you have what it takes to win, Sons of Taurus will reward you in models! What is this all about, you say? Let's take a look ...

The contest idea originated in this post, where SoT noticed the ridiculous extra text added to the item descriptions of the Storm Raven and Blood Angels Dreadnought on GW's site. From there things took on a naturally hilarious progression, which led to the announcement of a contest. Follow this link to find out details about the contest and the prizes for the winner ... though I will have to say the real prize will come in the form of reading the hilarious entries.

Now, I just have to pick a target and write something dripping in sarcasm and hilarity!

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