Saturday, February 26, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Migsula's Madness! Alpha Legion, DIY Marines, Eldar

 Old School here with another edition of It Came From the Forums. This time we are taking a quick look at Migsulas work, which includes the Alpha Legion you see above, a small force of Eldar and a group of space Marines called the Cresent Guard.

These Alpha Legion models are out of control and the addition of the cultists is a very nice touch. These models are so perfect for representing the Alpha Legion and if he ever wanted to expand the army, it could easily fit into the Tyrant's army list from the latest Badab War books in IA.

 Next up are the Eldar, which are still a work of progress, but if these Dire Avengers are any indication to the quality we can expect from this artist, we are in for a treat.

 ... and it looks like the best is yet to come with these conversions, including the awesome Wraithlord and the Solitaire!
 Let's round out this edition with the Cresent Guard Space Marines and where better to start than with this Librarian. GW sculptors take some notes as this is what a terminator Libby should look like in the torso and head dept. The owl is a very nice touch and I think is a way of displaying some of the chapters characteristics without saying them out loud.

BTW, anyone else notice the old school Emperor's Champion sword? Brilliant!

 Yet another Libby and this one leasing a really nice squad of Marines. Check out the positioning of the poses, the bits used to characterize the chapters heraldry and the brilliant weathering on the white armor.

 and last but not least some Assault Marines with even more crisp examples of the weathering on white armor.

That is just a scratch on the surface of this artist's work. Check out his gallery here and if you like all the extras you didn't see here, follow his work!

With that being said, this is a great time to ask what you all think of It Came From the Forums? Like the Eye Candy? Let's here what you think and if you know about any other amazing work gathering dust somewhere on the forums, let us know!


  1. those alpha legion guys, while the paint scheme may not be what i would do, the miniature mix up is exactly how i would go about it.
    Few marines here n there for the elite units, with a heap of agents making up the rest of the force.
    and i definately agree, with those WIP dire avengers, you can definately see that the whole force is goin to look amazing.
    old school emperors champion sword eh? that from the black templars 1 released with the previous codex addition?

  2. Wow, a mini article on Migsula without a mention of Rosethorn Now? A well earned Golden Demon in 2006.
    But yeah, Migsula certainly deserves praise for his nonconventional painting styles and well thought out model customization. A huge asset to the community.

  3. lovely converted models! Really loved that marine SB, and the overall white vut dirty look

    Nice job!

  4. Where can I buy these miniatures?