Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finished Imperial Guard Vendetta

With all the hu-bub of the work in progress of the salamanders I haven't lost track of the guard. Last night I put the finishing touches to actually complete one of my vendettas and wanted to share it with the blogsphere.

For the wings I used the airbrush to get a smooth white. I just made very small strips of tape to mask off and create the stencil I used.

I painted the majority of the plane black and then highlighted it with a black and shadow grey and hard line highlighted the black areas. To weather it down I sprayed a black ink over the whole model and dabbed it clean in areas to create a mottled look.

Weathering the engines was done with gold and bronze and the Tamiya D weathering kit.

I did the front light an extremely dark green. I figure it's some kind of infrared or night vision condenser light or receiver or whatever. I'm not really versed in military tech. OST can tell me what I thought it was, he used to hang around guns and bullets and stuff.

Right now, the inside joke of the week is Bill Brasky jokes. I feel like I took it to the ultimate level with this. OST quotes include:

  • "Bill Brasky once shot down 2500 points of space marine land raider spam with only one working lascannon in a single turn. Bill Brasky, the best damn pilot in the Imperium!"
  • "Bill Brasky once ate a bible while turbo boosting"
  • "I asked Bill Brasky if he wanted to get a game in one time and he took me to an abandonned parking lot where we waited for ten years for an FLGS to be built. Anyway, once it was finished, we went in and played the best game of either of our lives and when we were done, Bill burned the place to the ground and said, "We should have played that game at Evolution Games""

Feel free to comment Bill Brasky quotes. It should be awesomely awesome.

I sprayed the blue from about 8-10 inches awa to give it a realy nice blue undercarriage aerial camouflage. Its very subtle and great looking from the table top; looking down on it you can't even see it's blue but if you were standing under it, it'd be nothing but blue. I sprayed the black ink on the underside as well to break up the solid coloring.

Finally, its some serious death and carnage on the base. It seems some terminator met his demise (Should have taken that storm sheild r-tard) and then a guards men didn't make out alive..suprise suprise...

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy desert to wrap up the day here at DFG. Any questions about the painting or play style is welcome!


  1. Painting question. Do you know those wings looks real awesome? Also, thought about painting the underside in a similar manner?

  2. thank you. And no, I wanted at some kind of realism to it. I really like how airplane have two different camos depending on if you're looking top down or if youre looking up at it.

  3. Bill Brasky once got drunk on a gallon of promethium, then beat Commissar Yarrick in an arm-wrestling match. To BILL BRASKY!!!