Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where Does Your Hobby Inspiration Come From? +an Awesome link!

 Where does you hobby inspiration come from? Where do you get the motivation to grab a model, convert it to the 9's and paint it like there is no tomorrow?
For me, it comes from a few places. I get inspiration from around the blogosphere first and foremost ... seriously, we have a lot of blogs out there and you could throw a dart at a blogroll and chances are you'd come up with something amazing. My second source of inspiration is the folks at the FLGS, I pride myself in being a good hobbyist so while I celebrate the work of others, it also makes me go back to the lab and try harder when I see something that tops my own work (looking at you CVinton!).
Last but not least is the GW art and fluff, whether it be from a codex or from the Black Library, there are images in the fiction that are absolute "war porn" as some have called it, but the bottom line s that work like the photos attached to this post (found here) that are inspired by art and fluff are what really motivate me. Hopefully my upcoming Khorne works can stand up to the bloody legacy the World Eaters have in the GW art and fiction.
So that leaves me with the question of where do you draw your inspiration? Fluff? the work of others? Your own twisted mind? Don't be afraid to post links!

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  1. I have to say the Fluff is what inspires me. I love to read and love a game that is well fleshed out. It adds character to an army when you have a theme based on a particular regiment or in my case Craftworld.