Saturday, January 22, 2011

Battle Two, MI40k's Team Twilight!

We fought a great battle on the second mission against R3con and Tau4eva from MI40k, they rolled out a meched BA force paired with Thunderwolves/ razorbacks. This fight was intently close and was a ton of fun, we traded kill points the whole game and though we lost the kp mission by 21-19, we won due to battlepoints by holding table quarters. Great fun and great people to fight!
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  1. Nice! How re the 'nids treating you?

  2. Good to hear - fun is the point after all. Good to see too - it might feel a little spare, but that's a pretty enough table.

  3. We put bloggin pride on the line for this too. Better luck next time.....mi40k...pffff.... :)