Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ok, so I know its been talked about.... but

Ok, so I know its been talked about a bit. Especially by our local Samsquanch Monster, but also by other Space Wolf players who were disappointed in the fact that they can not use the Leman Russ any longer with their new codex. After looking at a list on's forums in which had some Vindicators I thought...
well jeez, it seems like the perfect opportunity to use a Leman Russ Demolisher as a Vindicator.

It seems pretty blatant to me as something to do, but last year at Adepticon I never saw a single one, nor do I really plan on seeing one this year if I am able to go. Yes I know the size difference is there, the LR being slightly bigger, but I think most people would rather think it a cool idea, since it doesn't take advantage of them in some silly way.

What about you guys? Is there some conversion that seems really obvious that you just haven't seen done? Perhaps its putting wings on a Rhino and having it be Chaos counts as Blood Angels for your Storm Raven.... ahem....

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. You could do up a Russ Exterminator or Annihilator as Predators too. No hull weapon, or put a "pintle" weapon there instead.

  2. I'd have no problem with it, but I've played against space marines pretending to be nids without complaint so I'm probably not the best bellwether.

    They both have short stubby guns and siege shields right? The Rhombus design of the tank body usually found on the LR is the only difference I can think of.

  3. I love your idea! I have a normal Russ sitting in its box. I think it will now be receiving a Fenrisian paint job.

  4. I like the idea of a Leman Russ Exterminator as a counts-as-Predator. It was the variant that Wolves had access to in the old codex, after all. Cover over the forward weapon, put on HB sponsons - voila, AC/HB Pred.

  5. Its a bit pricey, but you could order a Forgeworld Thunderer to use as a SW Vindicator (assuming you really want that LR hull in there).

  6. First, sonsoftaurus has a great Idea there! I mean it really gives the spacewolves what I call a "different" feel with these other vehicles posing as what they have.

    Da Masta Cheef: I like the model, but the point more was not for the hull alone but for the entire look of a Leman Russ, giving it that old codex feel. Just an idea is all.

    Sigismund: Hey man cant wait to see it! perhaps if you send it to us we might put it up as proof of concept!

    Vogrin: Ya that would work well, and you could really put some side sponson Lascannon without much work too.

  7. Thats a pretty solid idea steve. I have an old school demolisher that I could used to get to the third level of counts as...IG counts as Salamanders counts as Space Inception a counts as inside a counts as

  8. To start... replace the "front" of the Leman russ, the driver port and hull gun with the Rhino's front plate.

    You can just explain the conversions are "the first" Leman Russ tank prototypes... since in the 40k universe no one throws anything away.

    Given the line of thinking that its a predator/vindicator/LRBT prototype I think for a conversion it'd be more interesting to make it more like the "original" epic Leman Russ model which predated the 40k kit... Give it a dome turret similar to the old RT era Predator like this: and convert the cylindrical sponsons the epic model portrayed... combined with
    and the leman russ sized version of these

    You'd end up with a cool and very venerated looking Leman Russ tank.