Friday, December 24, 2010

Legion of the Damned Sergeant Commission

 Old School here to show off a commission I did for a friend as part of a much more epic scale Legion of the Damned project. This is the Sergeant that comes in the blister pack rather than the one from the box and I have to say that after handling it so much and working with the details, it really is one of my favorite 28mm GW models ...

This model was painted to the DFG Level 2 or "Brother Sergeant" standard (out of 4 levels) and for this level, I think it came out very well. All of the Legionaries in the project had the hard highlights as the commission direction from the client was for them to look like the GW photos, but I did a little source lighting experiment with this model and I think it captures the effect of the glowing sword pretty well.
In case you are wondering what "Legio Dajes" means, it means Legion Damned. I also wanted to show off what a proper photo box can do if you build one. I am a journalist by trade and have a fancy camera, but I actually took these photos on a crappy 4mp fujifilm and they turned out great. I did do a little auto level adjustment in photoshop, but that is pretty standard for studio photos.

In any case, the important thing is that my friend was very happy with his legionnaires and that make me happy and very proud to have know that I will see these on the table some day in the future. Comments as always are welcome.


  1. That looks amazing; particularly like the Sword.

    I have to agree with the LotD models in general. Although metal (:(), they are fantastic!

  2. Now, I just need to figure out how to make them competitive, as the friend is very new to the hobby.

  3. T4 3++ isnt that scary to get around. Easyly delt with by using low str weapons....IE bolters and so on Thats the big problem there....If they were T5 would be a whole different story.

  4. How did you paint the black? Have five of these myself:)

  5. CO, tell me something I didn't tell you, lol!

    Flekkzo, I cleaned the metal prior to painting, primed the model with actual canned Krylon Grey Primer. With it primed, I used krylon Flat Black to base the model black, using several layers (If I had my airbrush when I did this, I would have airbrushed Chaos Black). Now the color black is nice and has a luster, but isn't an exact match for Chaos black, so I washed the entire model heavily in Badab Black and let it sit overnight. Once the model is dry, the color matches Chaos Black, but has a really nice luster. From there, I just used simple line highlighting in codex grey (the last step for the entire model.

  6. They could also lower their points cost......... keep it the same and give them fnp

  7. Looks good. I like the lighting effect. I don't know what it is with your camera but it just picks up your coloring as being super blotchy. Having seen your mini's IRL, and they're not like that at all.

    Are you done with the LoD now? Its a good feeling when you're like "Ahhh...finished!"

    To be effective with Legion I'd just play with a heavy weapon and utilize them as a thorn unit. They're relentless so they'll run around shooting and assaulting at will and are pretty close to SS termies when it comes to resilience. Its hard to make them effective because of the points cost but I think the best way to work them is to use a small, bare-bones unit to contest. In the end they're a squad of veteran sergeants with a 3++. Just pick on things weaker than them like guardsmen, guardians, ect.

  8. This guy looks mean. I'm going to have to try and recreate the look you've pulled off on the power sword's blade. It works really well as a contrast.

    Good job!

  9. I've always loved LD and admire your use of a limited palette. Rock on!!!