Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from the DFG crew!

The whole DFG would like to extend a hearty Happy New Year to the blogosphere, including our readers, our workers and all the great bloggers out there that make up this community. We will save you all the long list of thank you's until January 12, our two year anniversary. Look forward to us starting the year off right with some serious conversions, hobby articles and local tourney coverage.

The year ahead looks great with tons of opportunities for us to grow as players and bloggers with monthly tourneys, more contests, Adepticon and a ton of commission jobs! We want to share it all with everyone out there and make efforts to get our fellow bloggers, especially the new guys, some more looks as well.

Have fun tonight, drink deep and enjoy yourself, but do it safely. Until next year,

Team DFG

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