Friday, December 3, 2010

Banner Love to Give: D6 Saturday!

To honor all the entries made in our Banner Contest, DFG is going to let every entry in the contest ride on top! First up is this classic Black Templars image! I have always loved this image and it will make a great banner for D6 Saturday! D6 and his blog (site?) can be found here! Check it out!

If you haven't heard about the results of the banner contest, check out the link on top of the middle right column to find out about our epic tie and the resulting finals (BTW, still haven't heard back from you, Muffin!)


  1. Nice banner. Congrats to the winner. His Avatar looks kinda familiar though. Almost as if its on another blog I am aquainted with.

  2. i game, i just sent you a e-mail to tell you guys that im not dead, and im working on the banner as we speak now.

    muffin ^^

  3. SeerK, we don't have a winner yet - "Read the posts, you Rock n' Roll Clown"

    Muffin, I got it!

  4. That is a sweet banner. Of course, as a devout Templars player I'm a tad biased.