Monday, November 22, 2010

Dreamforge Leviathans; Possibilities for Titan Conversions or Stand Ins

 Old School here to talk about The Leviathan Projects coming from Dreamforge-Games. I spied these pics in my journies through the internet and felt the need to share them with the community at large ...

These titan-esque models are called Leviathans and Dreamforge is in the process of casting and creating an entire line of them. The main difference between the models so far has been the heads (the skull above and the Crusader helm below + numerous CAD designs on their site). The titans also have different weapon arms in the CAD designs, but the only one I have seen so far in photos is the Vulcan Cannon, which looks exactly like a GIANT assault cannon from 40k.
Now the reason i have brought these to your attention is that the models seem to look pretty cool so far and seem to fit in well size-wise with 40k ... though the idea of using a counts-as titan that costs as much as a Warhound is a little ridiculous to me.
The weapon arms on the other hand seem pretty cool and the design shots have a giant scythe arm and claw hand on the skull-headed "mortis" Leviathan. I could actually see the possibility of using a Chaos Warhound or reaver body with parts from these kits (mostly weapons) to make a really vicious looking titan.

While that seems like a crazy "ballin' outta control" kind of idea, it could be the ultimate conversion and would certainly be a centerpeice on the old Apoc table! The question would be whether or not Dreamforge would sell the individual weapons or only complete Leviathan kits?

In any case, this is one non-GW game that I will keep my eyes on to see what developes. I really have no wish to buy a titan nor do I play enough Apoc to ever make me feel the need for titans, but the evil little kid inside me thinks it would be cool to have a "My Buddy" sized peice of resin - not to mention the pics so far make for some excellent eye candy.

So, if the model shots interest you, check out the Dreamforge blog and tell them what you think. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on titans? Are they a must have (or at least a must fantasize about) model for you? Are they so far beyond the realm of feasability in terms of money or storage space that you would never own one? Would you rather have a second army or a titan (pretty much where price puts us)?


  1. I definitely like the model, could be interesting as a titan in an army that includes Grey Knights, at least for the Head piece displayed in the lower pictures. A giant silver titan would be a little humorous.

    I'm not familiar with Leviathans but could be some fairly cool and unique stuff to bring to the table.

    Titans to me represent all that apocalypse is supposed to be, but I'm not found of them because I feel they bring excessive fire power that makes 40k feel more like "I win if I bring down that one piece" kind of thing.

    I'd much rather a second army because at my FLGS only two people play with such outstanding pieces, and one of them only brings An'groth with Kairos. Not the most appealing sounding of match-ups.