Sunday, November 7, 2010

My November Projects - OST

OST here with some pics of my upcoming painting projects for the remainder of the month. In addition to one Carnifex Commission and a few more dudes for the Legion of the Damned commission, I have some stuff here for myself. The first photo is a very WIP rhino. I rescued it from the abandoned Pork Project where I was using three rhinos for looted wagons. I have just added the doors, which will be getting some harsh treatment soon to match them with the tank.
Everything else was there when it was looted and the stuff that was orky has been torn off. I am debating making this a badass Black Legion rhino or making it a World Eaters rhino taken for the needs of the Black Crusade. There is still a lot of work to do so this one may not see paint until I reloot its looted brothers! HA, looting Looted tanks, what would the Orks think of that!

Next up is Arbaal, the Champion of the Despoiler. He has some more work needed on his armour and maybe some pre-heresy shoulder pad replacements to make him look extra bodyguardy. Anyway the idea is that he could be a suitable replacement for either Arjac or Lysander in counts as environments and a cool looking daemon weapon lord in Chaos armies. The base is multilevel and in the back there are pipes sticking out. His hammer is actually mounted on a long shaft provided by the Chaos Lord kit and the head has small horns and hails from the Chaos Warriors kit from WFB. Look for this guy to get some paint as soon as I figure out what to do with him. (and yes that is a BA banner he is crushing!)

In addition to the 14th Black Crusade, I have a couple models to finish before I call done on the Nid army. First, all my bases need finishing touches, but more importantly, it is time to just get a damn tyrant on the table. Here is the WIP of my magnetised flyrant (the wings don't come off). This guy will be completely painted by the end of next weekend.

Deathleaper, I don't know what's wrong with your photo, but you'll be getting paint starting tomorrow!

And finally, the last Trygon prime will be getting his paint this month as well. With that, I will put a cap on my drop nids for a while paint-wise and focus on other projects, like maybe a Logan Bomb counts-as or something. As always, comments are encouraged and welcome and all projects are subject to the whims of the Lord of Change!


  1. Definitely some very interesting things in the works.
    I like the conversion work on the tyrant's wings as well, good use of some trygon bits.
    Also, is that a powerfist that was crushed by the despoiler counts as champion?

  2. Yes it was. He is a champion after all

  3. I thought Death Leaper was already painted?

  4. You have played him before. Is that a joke from the vide9?

  5. he should be cast in clear plastic.

  6. Fantastic. I'd love to learn how you did the shading on the tyrants wings. IMO, you should mount the death leaper the way you have him pictured, it looks totally cool like that.

  7. I have no answer for the shading on the wings as they are recycled from a bits box I got on eBay a few years ago. Deathleaper will be on the same base and is almost finished right now, just a little more painting to do.