Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conversions from around the Community, Leviathan, Logan, Deathwing and more!

 Old School here and weeks ago, I asked folks from the community to send me links to their favorite conversions and several of you stepped up to the plate with your work. To honour your response (and your hard work), I am posting this gallery of your photos today for the rest of the DFG community to see! First up is JDV's Leviathan ... This. Is. Huge. What an enourmous model! I bet it dominates an entire side of the table in terms of space and firepower. I don't want to count the sheer volume of kits that went into this or the money, but I must say, nice work JDV! Next up is ...

 Alles with his awesome Space Wolf conversions. First up looks like Logan Grimnar (Alles' site is not English) a very nice Logan - Much better than the GW model in my opinion.
 Next up from Alles is his rune priest - very Nice, love the pose!

 And this I assume is Ulrik. I love this conversion for how simple, yet perfectly effective it is - very nice, very efficient and there is no mistaking who this is.

 Alright, time for Cyborg Trucker. When I first started being the nerd kid hanging around the hobby shop, Epic was the rage and Cyborg Trucker has taken all those Chaos vehicles I thought were so cool in Epic and brought them to life. First is the Kannon of Khorne, above.

 Next is the Hell Knight, a Slaaneshi possessed mini-titan/walker. It had some awesome rules and when they released an Apoc datasheet for them a few years ago, I almost made one. Good to see somebody did!

 The best thing about CT's models is the color and the conversion; what I mean is that everything looks old school, just like the pictures from the time these models first came out during Epic. It really brings the Nostagia to see these models with these paintjobs converted like this!

 Finally, Cyborg Trucker's Plague Reaper - love the vats.

 Next is fellow Michigan Gamer, Eriochrome's Death Wing Terminators. First is his apothacary conversion.

 The tools are perfectly executed. My question for Eriochrome is whether or not he did this following his own sense for it or if he used an existing tutorial and if so, can we have a link?

 ... and here is Eriochrome's Belial with Lightning Claws - Nice use of the BT torso on this one.
 Next is Wienas' Crimson Fists, including the Dreadnought above. I am trying to figure out where everything on this bad boy came from ... I am guessing Chaos Torso, Titan legs and head and ... you got me on the fist, which is my favorite part, very Crimson Fisty!

 The termies are also from Wienas and seeing them reminds me that I have to make some of those shoulder pads for my Logan Bomb style 14th Black Crusade list (in my case Zhofur bomb)

and finally, here is a Necron Lord from Lantz. The idea of attaching wires (i think) and using that as a base to make actual energy arcing off the res orb is something that never occured to me and is certainly a great idea.

Thanks for all the pics and the chance to oogle your conversions, I now pass that oogling to everyone else and let's see what they think ...


  1. The german space wolf models I dont believe are special characters. At least not necessarily, they would def work as them.

  2. Nice collection of links. A few blogs are posting collections like this and it's a great way of finding and sharing new content. Thanks!

  3. The dreadnought's fist is the tip from a Dwarven Battering Ram, from the old Warhammer Siege line.

  4. Holy imperial mobile fortress Eldrad! That sucker looks massive. Is that 2 baneblade chassis?

  5. I actually used leftover pewter strands for that Necron Lord. I save quite literally everything. =P

  6. While I know you could make an arguement that Leviathan is a class of imperial vehicle that ranges in size... but has anyone actually made one to scale to the Epic model or rather why do people insist on building them too large? The Epic Leviathan relative to an Epic Baneblade had the same foot print. The leviathan only holds 100 guardsmen... the Stormlord holds 40 at 1/3 the height... so I don't see the rationale for constantly oversizing it.

  7. I really like the hell knights and dreadnought, very nice.

  8. Thanks for the props! That Leviathan is pretty awesome.

  9. I did not use a tutorial. I just added the pieces from the bit collection 1 at a time. to get the look.