Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Canis Fireborn WIP

Hey everyone. Since OST posted up his counts-as I had to put up my loyalist version so that he didn't take all the glory. A few months back OST and I decided it'd be awesome to put together some counts as Thunder Wolf.

Here is my vision of counts as Thunderwolves, Salamander style.

I really just sort of played with this idea until it eventually came together and really had no plans what so ever. The original weapon was a long, jagged sword that came to about the nose of the Carnosaur. I scrapped that for this massively over sized, almost comedic, thunderhammer. I still have a shield from Chapterhouse to put on this guy too.

I really wanted this guy to be my center wolf lord for the army so his thunderhammer is what will set him apart. Though, the all have hammers, the others will not be nearly as fancy or as large as this guys. This is my saga of the warrior guy.

The list basically is 3 wolf lords on mounts with hammer/shield and 3 squads of 4 all with shields and one hammer each. Other than that 2 squads of 6 grey hunters with melta in pods. Its not a winning list, but its a pretty unique and challenging list that doesn't make any friends on the table.

Future plans for the other 2 lords are that I have another carnosaur for the non-saga one and I have a stegadon for my saga of the bear guy. And to be honest, I'm really not sure how to mount that one other than just basically stand a tac marine on the dino. However I do it, I'm pretty excited to sit down and work on it, but that's way in the future. Probably a summer project.

For now, he sits on my shelf of other unfinished projects that there are other things ahead of. I still have a few commissions to wrap up and I need to really keep my momentum I have on the normal, not 15 thunderwolf list, Salamanders I plan on bringing to Adepticon. So, combine that with the fact I just started one of the hardest rotations in school, med surg, work and my 8 month old and wife, my budget of from now until adepticon is pretty full with just barely getting these salamanders done in time. However, I'll be sure to put up pics if I do get crazy one night and do anything to this guy.


  1. Jesus Christ, man! And I thought my Wolf Lord conversion I posted on my blog was cool... Very, very nice and detailed job. Cannot wait to see him painted!

  2. I just shot orange juice out my nose reading Skarvald's comment. I think I actually texted CVinton the same three words when he sent me the pics!

  3. Ahahahahahah! Wait a second. I was drinking orange juice while typing the previous comment!

  4. Ran into a guy in toledo that had all his TWC on cold ones,looked awesome, cant wait to see yours.

  5. I'm currently doing all my TWC as cold one riders. Taking longer than I wanted, but mainly due to changing my mind on posing and basing and etc etc. Hopefully I'll have some WIP pics up on my blog soon, and finish them up in a month or so.

  6. I am too, but every time I go down in to the workshop I see them in their box and say " much work....." and then work on painting the army I'm actually going to put on the table more than 2 times a year.