Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking on Killzone! What Should I take?

Old School here and as you may or may not know, I have thrown my name in the hat for Special Operation Killzone At Adepticon this year. I have so many thoughts going through my head as to what army to make my team from, that I just cannot decide.


Now let me preface this with the idea that yes, I would love to win games, but the main objective for me when playing Killzone is to have fun and show off a small collection of my models painted and converted to a very nice standard. That being said, I am stuck. On one hand, I could just go with Chaos and just add the models to the 14th Black Crusade ... but on the other hand, I see Killzone as an opportunity to branch out into other directions and make something very specific to kill zone and full of character. With that in mind, the ideas are as follows:


A slaaneshi warband: Fast, shooty, killy and the chance to field a doom siren - very appealing, a chance to paint a nice looking group of pink minis.

A team of Tyranid Warriors and other lifeforms - a chance to really make the most of my magnetic warriors and to throw some of my space hulk genestealers on the board. This army would look cool and has an appeal to me as all 6 of my warriors are magnetic. This group would also look pretty on the table.

Deathwatch Killteam - Big Jim has not posted a seperate SOG for them, but I could draw them from the Marine Codex. I have had the bits to make a deathwatch kill team for a long time, but never the incentive to actaully make it. It would be cool to own, cool on the board and would be a nod to the old days of killteam.

Space Wolves - This would be another chance to put my already converted and painted khorne models on the table in a counts as match, but then again, it would not be a new endeavor for me, but it would save me time as I have been already working on these models.

Well, those are the choices I have been looking at and I really am stuck. What do you think I should field? What would you like to see on the table if you were to throw down? Are you going to play too and are also stuck? Let's hear your thoughts!

By the way, you can find all the Killzone resources you need here!


  1. I have been playing some Killzone with b.smoove as he preps the tables for AdeptiCon. Right now my top pick is Necrons. They are really quite effective in Killzone. The WBB rule is huge, even if it forces you to stay closer together. Wraiths with the Hit and Run special rule are brutal (although worth a full 6 kill points). Destroyers with their ability to jump around and pop off 3 high strength shots are also incredibly good for 50 points.

    That said - out of your choices I have only seen Slaaneshi and Chaos Kill Teams on the table. The lack of shooting attacks hurts Slaaneshi daemons, but I believe this will be countered to a degree by the tables in use at AdeptiCon. You can get a good look at the WIP over here. Lots of opportunity to cover ground and avoid being shot at.

    I think you are right in branching out. Killzone is the perfect opportunity to use your unused models or paint up a small amount of new models that might lead to a larger project down the road (I am currently doing this with some Red Scorpions).

  2. I will be participating in this event as well and am also pondering what I will develop. I agree that this is a great chance to make a small army full of character.

    As of right now, I am divided between the follow.

    Dark Eldar - Hellions and Jetbikes or Incubi

    Tyranids - I have that picture in my head of the old Nid Warrior busting thru a wall with a few gaunts and a genestealer in the front. May be fun to recreate that scene.

    Kroots - I miss the old list, so it could be fun to bring them back. Maybe include a tau handler and a vespid or two.

  3. Sorry - Forgot to answer your question. I vote for the deathwatch kill team. The reason being that you can really make for something that stands out and looks sweet.

  4. Anything marine, is pretty resilient, although they do end up with some of the smaller teams.

    Any of the proposed armies you listed could be extremely fun to play. The great thing is that teams are small and you have plenty of time to test things out. Then you can make an informed choice based on practical experience!

    In the future once the core rules are finished I have plans to make the following stand alone lists.

    Genesteeler cult
    Adeptus Arbites

    They may or may not make the cut off for this years Adepticon.


  5. hmmm. I like the sound of the GS cult and the Deathwatch. Both play to the tune of my bitzbox and my underlying, crack-head like need to build those bitz!