Sunday, October 3, 2010

Khorne Cav Lord Update: New Color on Jugger

Old School here with another WIp of my Khorne Kavalry Lord. I really am making him my test model as I have already adopted the things I like about him into the plastic models I am working on. His jugger was originally red, but no matter the contrast, it was still red on red, which just doesn't work and across multiple models, it would have been complete failure.
When I tested this scheme the first time on the jugger model, it was actually on one of my plastic ones and honestly, the plastics seem to take the paint much better thatn this one has - same for washes (the crevices in the plastics also lend themselves to washes. I like the contrast of color, it ties into a muti-legion theme. It also has iron and brass elements to jive with my Black Legion's Sivler and Gold. I think I will keep the paint scheme color wise, now all I need to do is touch up some tide marks, touch up some errant highlights and paint the back of the shield.

It may be hard to see, but the head of Sicarius is back there - a rather bold claim, but I think he could take the master of the 2nd company!

I wanted to try the green lit-up eyes and I think i like them enough to keep them with my other juggers, though I am not sure how attached I am to the gloss effect blood ... maybe adding some more variant reds and browns to the existing spots.

Well, now I point the horn to you. Let me know what you think - should I be cast from the Warp for my lack of skills, are there things I could work on within my skill level or am I on the right track and sure to rack up many skulls? Let's hear your thoughts.

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  1. so awesome! I really want to make a Khorne counts-as SW Thundercav.