Saturday, October 9, 2010

Go Blue or Go Green? What is Your Favorite 40k Rivalry?

With a major rivalry game tonight in football happening between Michigan and Michigan State (for those of you who don't know, DFG is out of Michigan,) it made me wonder what my everyones favorite rivalry in 40k? Is it Yarrik vs. Ghazghkull? Orcs vs. Nids? Bjorn vs. being woken up?

Well common now.... share with the world!

Oh and.... GO BLUE


  1. I like the rivalry of the Lion and the Wolf. Always good to see the champions fight.

    Though the rivalry of the new dark Eldar character and Lukas the trickster may be awesome as well.

  2. I have 4 college rivalries that my family observes do to overlapping Almae Matres within the extended family ...

    Duke vs. UNC... Oregon vs. Oregon State ... Utah vs. BYU ... UNLV vs. Reno ...

    As for my favorite 40k rivalries ... the Iron Warriors vs the Imperial Fists ... Nurgle vs Tzeentch ... Khorne vs. Slaanesh

  3. Ultimate rivals: Red sox v Yankees. The sox may not have got in this year, but we will be back, bearing the heads of the Yankee unbelievers in our mits. For Fenway! The Monster protects!

  4. Go green!!!!!

    Karandras Vs Ahra or just Drazar by proxy

  5. Slaanesh vs Eldar; and go Blue!

  6. GO GREEN!!!

    Helbrecht vs Ghazghkull

    The Judge

  7. Go Green...

    Michigan D looked awful.

    Space Wolves and 1000 Suns


  8. Green. Not just the team, but the color I'm going to be after this reception .... ost is drrrruuuuunnnnkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. you captain u of m played as well as you play 40k!!!!

    -king o the pat hata's!

  10. Good anonymous post ;) Its ok hide behind it the randomness ;(