Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dark Eldar Advanced Order open (plus more!)

Dark Eldar advanced order was posted this morning but on top of that they previewed the second wave advanced order which include the Ravanger, Hellions, Hemonculous and Mandrakes.

First things first; This new wave is just as awesomely amazing as the last (If not a little better).

The Hemonculous ( special character named Urien Rakarth) is the first thing that caught my eye. As OST and I looked at the advanced order picture looked in the middle and said "WTF?!" The hemonculous is the most evil loking thing I've seen in years. This guy is like a tecmarine with a servitor harness...except its made of god damn human/eldar arms! After that this guy has a sick looking surgical tool in one hand and some gauntlet thing in the other. After that he's wearing this Texas Chainsaw Massacre apron made of flesh. On top of that, this guy is floating on some sort of wormy/intestines looking thing. Over all, a crazy awesome model. Definitly will be painting one of this just because its so out of control.

Next is the mandrakes. They look great but I think to really capitalize on how cool and actiony these look you'll need to put a decent paint job on them.

Next the hellions, they have a redone sky board that looked in tune with how the reaver jet bikes look with their use of (as Goatboy aptly pointed out) negative space. The guy on the board is pretty boring but to be able to field these guys in mass without having to buy individual blisters is awesome.

The ravanger looks like a raider, but different in subtle, well defined ways. I like what they did there.

Finally, to the meat of this post from GW:

If you read through it they dropped little hints of rules, most impressive is this:

Lelith Hesperax is the ideal accompaniment to your Wych squads and she really is a walking weapon. With Weapon Skill 9 and 4 Attacks that ignore armour saves, plus an extra one for each point her Weapon Skill is higher than her foe's, Lelith can murder entire squads.

Wow...wow....run her into a tac squad and she rolls 11 attacks...WTF!!!! She is a slaughtering meat grinder beast of destruction.

The Reavers box contains 3 unique Reavers and again the set has plenty of options including splinter rifles, heat lance and blaster. And if you are looking for speed then the Turbo Boost special rule allows you to move 36", which means you are immediately in the thick of the action.

Special weapons, heat lance (is that possibly the melta lance gun thing?) 36" boost confirmed. Awesome!

The metal Archon model has two variant heads and access to the Huskblade, which causes Instant Death on any model that suffers an unsaved wound,
regardless of their Toughness.

Oh hi nids, I'm an Arcon, how are you today. Moving on now....

The plastic kit is fantastic, easy to assemble and will get your Warriors into battle quickly; the enhanced aethersail upgrade also allows your Raider to move an additional 2D6".

Awesome. I heard rumors about the raiders do a 36" boost like bikes, but I guess this clears it up. Now, I just wonder if you can do a 12" move and then do the 2d6 with sails and still get out to assault. Vicious.....

The first of the new plastic sets is the Kabalite Warriors; you get 10 in the box, and it includes absolutely every weapon and wargear option that you need. You can also use it to build the Kabalite Trueborn Elite choice who have 2 Attacks and a higher Leadership,

The rumors haven't addressed what these elite versions of the troops are, so it seems like this pulls the covers back just a bit.

Thanks GW! I have to say, this line is your masterpiece.


  1. I am currently riding the boner I got from that evil model all the way to new Hampshire right now. truly an awesome range of miniatures

  2. Anyone taking bets for how many people start de then quit within the first 3 months because it is going to be a grass hammer like it used to be.......I know if 2 people already that won't make it past the 3month hump........they will prolly sell after they get stomped their first 15 games.....specially cause they are coming from a lame codex........like imperial guard.......no stabs there.....none at all