Friday, October 15, 2010

Chaos Lord on Daenomic Horse! 14th Black Crusade!

Old School here. Still Sick and Still busy. Here is another "biker". This one could fit into a Space Marine Command Squad for counts as, could make an excellent "wolf Lord on Bike" or an awesome Chaos Lord on Demonic Steed.

This is kitbash taken to the extreme. He has the artificer type armour from the Death Company set, chaos bolters, the death company thunder hammer and obviously the Chaos knights stuff. I like the double shoulder pads and may stick with it for the rest of the bikers as it makes them look very gothic and hard and cool.

I am stuck on whether to just make the dark apostle a word bearer or to go for the gothic Word Bearer bikers with black legion paintjobs on thier left arms. hmmmmm.

In case you may be wondering, the bolters on this and the last model are to represent the twin linked bolters on the bikes. I don't want to take a ton of time converting an elaborate twin linked bolter system for each biker and while it would be cool to give them custodian type weapons, it wouldn't fit for each model. So there it is a easy solution. No harder to swallow than a turbo boosting horse LOL!

Well, got some more work to do. Look out for a video and a few painted models coming out of my work bench tonight!


  1. Excellent conversion work there! I like your solution for the twin linked bolters.

  2. Love the 2handed hammer great pose for horseback.


  3. Thank you for the compliments guys. I really spent my whole vacation thinking about this guy and it is nice to see him built, now it just needs to be painted.