Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Dark Eldar (of course)

Sorry to those that are already sick of the dark eldar, but after reading todays GW post with the lead designer, they put this picture at the end of the article:

Cool picture, the information in the article about how the raider was basically a virtually designed vehicle was something I didn't know GW did. However, what is that in the back ground? Are those blurry shots of the Ravanger? It looks like it fits the style of one gun in the front and one on each side. Pretty sneaky of you GW.

It looks like the side gunner are like little pods they sit in that fit into the two slots on the decking of the raider right in the middle. Pretty cool design.

Some other variations I noticed are that it looks like it has a slightly different sail and lacks the hanging crew. Other than that the blurry pics don't give too much away other than; we have one, and its updated.

Now, back to pacing the house waiting for November to come.


  1. Good Job Spotting the Ravagers. I saw this in my inbox hours ago and just wrote it off. They look pretty cool. Up for a game this evening?

  2. You know what I keep on thinking every time I see new pics of the painted NEW Dark Eldar?
    "God, these little fellas seem hard to paint. I DON't want to see what happens to such high-detailed models after Little Timmy Firepants does not thin his paints..."

  3. I can't wait until little chris hyperactiver super clean painting gets a hold of them.

    Pro tip--> White dwarf actually has good painting guides in it. They usually feature a how-to with the newest models concurrently with their release and I'm sure it'll cover the armor, skin, hair and bronzing metal. Maybe even the DE symbols. If you're picking this army up, be sure to budget in for that white dwarf.

  4. Ha, I posted that under the wife's gmail. Nice.

  5. The Ravegers and Raiders sure looking hot. Well worth the wait.

  6. Her we go everyone I am posting this via Droid let's see if it works.

  7. It did. I am never going to get any work done anymore.