Friday, September 3, 2010

MicroArt Releases Another Thunderwolf Alternative

Old School here with a photo of MicroArt Studio's Great Wolf #2. This is the second thunderwolf alternative they have made to fit 60mm bases and I think it looks great. The only critisism I can think of is that there is no pre-made legs or saddle/harness, which means you would either have to make something or your wolves could ride bareback (which actually seems very Space-Wolfish!). Anyway, check this out along with their other September releases here.
Below is a photo of their Great Wolf #1 just in case you had never seen it.


  1. these look a lot better than some of the previous ones released. At current conversion rate they are only $28.00 which is not to bad considering how much everybody else is charging.

  2. Mr Dandy's deal is still cheaper and comes with legs ... you just have to like wolves with helmets though

  3. true I would probably convert these as they just look better. Granted I am also cheap so Mr. Dandy's are more tempting from a price perspective.

  4. Mr Dandys= Special wolves w/ special helmets