Sunday, September 19, 2010

Legion of the Damned: Showing off the Damned Project part 1!

Old School here with some Legion of the Damned Marines. I have had this commission for quite some time and while many of the models have been finished, I have lingered on the final touches for quite some time (static grass and base painting), but now it is time to start showing them off.

I have recieved a few fan e-mails asking where all the painted minis went and I figured I am going to have to stop buffing my gums with discussion posts and show off the work that I have done. So to start off, this project, project zombie Marines, includes 37 Legion of the Damned Marines straight from the blisters. The client wants them to look as close to the GW models as I can make them while adhering to the DFG Painting Service Level 2 pricing (shoot us an e-mail for prices and requests), so I got to work because I always wanted to paint these models ... well, I started off hot and heavy, assembling 20 and priming them. Then work took up 3 weekends in a row, leaving me with little time to work on the models in the week (I am married with 3 kids y'all).

Work is crazy for me in the Summer and early fall, so the going has been slow and monotonus - 37 LoD - Damn it starts to wear on a painter, but I entered the final third of them today, so now it is time to start showing off all 37, starting from the first three I painted back at the start. I will show off a few every day to help me keep the motivation to get the rest finished! Here they are.

The sergeant is a great model and since the client didn't need all the ones that came in the several boxes he purchased, he gave me one to act as a Khornate Skull Champion (to be revealed in a later post)

I love this model - no matter how many times I paint it. Each one I have encountered has been of a better quality mold than the regular LoD Marines and with all the curves and contrast opportunities, it really is a fun model to paint.

Old Buck Knife Chuck, love this guy - he has a big knife and is the easiest variant to paint quickly.

This is the guy I call Goose, with the beaky skull head and the inlaid flames (which the paintscheme calls to surround with highlighting, he is a little more time-consuming to oaint, but looks good and draws attention from afar even when on the field next to all his undead battle-brothers.

Here he is again from the back. That is it for tonight, I am bringing you three more tomorrow - these ones are sure to "heat things up." Ok, it is way to late for bad puns. Let me know what you think of these guys so far or let me know if you have ever struggled to hack through a project like 37 metal space Marines before - I am sure there are stories that make mine seem like wimpy stuff (though I have painted over 100 + combined guants and stealers).


  1. Like em. Not sure where you could play them as GW nerfed their point cost and effectiveness. Wish they had AP3 Bolters.

  2. Yeah ... If I played loyalist Marines, I would avoid them, but the client wants to run an Apoc formation of them.