Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Best Tyranid Conversions on Video - Steveprimebot's Hive Fleet Macabre!

Old School here. It is a rainy day and what better way to kill some time than to look at possibly the best looking Tyranid Army Videos on the Web - of course I mean Steveprimebot's Hive Fleet Macabre. He has a converted Doom, Several Tervigons (all different), an amazing Hive tyrant, the Parasite, Warrior Prime, the best Harpy I have yet to see and a great tutorial ... and that is just what I posted on the blog here today. He actually has batreps, more tutorials and conversions, more Hive fleet Macabre and photos of some units from other armies. Take a look at these videos and if they strike you the way they have me, then go to his channel and check out the rest - these videos are all massively inspiring and i may have to steal a couple of these great ideas! Enjoy.

Tentacle faced Tyrant

Incredible Harpy, using Malanthrope bits

Best Tervigon I have seen yet - also with Malanthrope bits (I am going to steal this idea)

Warrior Prime - kind of a sick looking centuar

The parasite - best conversion of him I have seen by far.

The Doom

And a tutorial on how to paint his scheme - best part is that it is all dimestore paints!
Hopefully you have enjoyed these videos, please go check out his channel and let him know how you feel!

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