Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tower of Skulls: Old School's Favorite Conversion Returns!

Alright, Old School here and for those of you who remember the Tower of Skulls Conversion Commission I did before Adepticon last year, you will also remember the lamentation I felt letting it go to the client without painting it ... well, as the saying goes, I let it go and it has come back to me - so, naturally, I have started to paint it. These photos are of just the tower part of the tank, the baneblade chassis is in the closet waiting its turn. There are still some details to pick out (primarily in the top and the impaled skulls and there is plenty of washing left to do, but I am so exited to have this model on the painting table, I had to post some WIP photos of it. Enjoy.

Here is the shot that shows off all the stuff I have yet to finish, but by the time you will have read this, that should no longer be a problem.

I wanted to go with the look of the ToS from the Apoc Re-Load book, though with some slight changes. I liked a little more brass work in this one as well as a fleshy cannon covered in spikes (which need to be washed).

I also picked out some tube for the blood which powers this thing to flow through.

There it is so far - hope you all like it. It was one of my most epic conversions, so I love it. Feedback is always welcome


  1. Your gun looks like a cat's penis.

    jump for image

  2. What is more daenomic than a skinless penis covered in spikes that shoots AP3 and if inseted into an orifice becomes swollen and impossible to remove until it is satisfied!

  3. That is very true. I can't really think of something more evil than that. Another example about how everything is a matter of perspective.