Monday, August 2, 2010

Quantum Gothic Terrain and accessories!

Old School here to spread the word about one of my latest favorite sites; Quantum Gothic. I think this first photo says it all. The Missile Launcher Catalyst is amazing and I am going to order several of them. The gear work and level of detail is amazing and even if I don't have an immediate purpose for them, I will find one! Any way, have a look around their stuff and then follow the link at the bottom of this post!
This cannon is pretty awesome and with a little conversion could be a really gothic, cool looking thunderfire alternative!

Yes, these gates work and are expandable!

Awesome bunker, BOOOO 3+ coversave!

wall - meh.

Can you say objectives? Listening post!

Check these out on the web site, they look way better on the wall!

rubble - meh

Last but not least, the turret. They come in a few flavors and could be cool custom razorbacks or games of Apoc or whatever. If you like what you see, check their site out here. As always, feedback is very much welcome!

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  1. I have most of there terrain line and its decent. The resin is a Dark Grey, and very durable feeling to it. The missile launcher is alot smaller then you would actully think.