Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adepticon Blog Wants Your Input, Kill Zone Confirmed For Adepticon!

Old School here with two peices of news for Adepticon and a batch of links to get you started on the road there. First and foremost, Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames and B.Smoove from A Gentlemen's Ones, along with a council of members of our blog community, have managed to get their ongoing project: Special Operation Kill Zone into Adepticon for 2011! Depending on how it fits in with my tourney plans there, I may have to start my Kill Zone team ASAP! Dark Future Games and the Evo Club will be rolling deep this year and I think we may have to join in to represent the Blog as well as mid Michigan!

In addition to that bit of great news, The Adepticon Developers have a blog up with the following purpose defined in their first post:

Welcome to the AdeptiCon 2011 Development Blog! This site will serve as a means to disseminate information regarding the development and planning of the convention as it enters its ninth year. Additionally, this site will allow us to discuss things such as event history, theory and the convention’s take on certain ‘hot button’ issues that might not truly be considered news in relation to the convention proper. Much of what is to follow has been in the works for many months and is the accumulation of hundreds of constructive emails, adaptations in game systems, conversations with other event organizers and most importantly attendee feedback.

While the contents of this site and the ideas of adaptation are nothing new for the organizers of AdeptiCon, we felt it would be a great way to reach out the community at large and move beyond the point of ideas being resigned to emails, planning meetings, buried in forums or lost in comment systems.

There has been a ton of great discussion out there lately concerning the nature of certain game systems, the structure of events and the validity of tournament formats. Over the past few years we have also seen the independent scene explode with a number of fantastic new events. We find all of this incredibly exciting and invigorating for both the community and AdeptiCon. As Archibald Tuttle so eloquently put it, "Listen, kid, we're all in it together".

Alright folks, so between the Kill Zone news and the fact that we now have a public blog forum to exchange ideas, it's time to make our voices heard and get involved in the next Adepticon! I had a lot of fun there last year and look forward to seeing many of you there this time around! Go, now follow the Adepticon Development Blog, follow Galaxy in Flames and A Gentlemen's Ones and have your voice be heard!


  1. Thanks for the support Old School! I am very excited that B.smoove has secured this opportunity for Killzone!

    The Killzone rules committee is working hard to bring the community a solid gaming system to engage in skirmish battles all over the 40k universe!


  2. Very excited to be able to include Killzone at AdeptiCon 2011. Even more excited to have found b.smoove to spearhead it AND that he is a local...hopefully means I will get to playtest the rules on that fancy terrain!