Sunday, August 22, 2010

Forge World Berserkers on Plastic Juggernauts!

Old School here with some Forge World Berserkers riding plastic Juggernauts! The other day, when I made the metal lord, It sparked something in me. I started staring at him with my Forge World bitz box in hand and I knew something awesful was going to come of his creation ... then Evolution Games got a few boxes in for the End of Days and I just had to buy a box.
So far, these two fellows have come from this merger - One with a set of claws and one with a giant, cavalry-style hammer!

Alright first up is the Thunder-hammer and shield Zerk. He is riding one of the new plastic Juggers, which are a pure joy to put together (I timed it at 7 minutes, clipped, cleaned and glued for just the juggernaut). Anyway, I wanted a Zerk who looked like he is ready for a siege and ready to take on the biggest thing on the field with a giant hammer. The shield is from the Chaos Knights cav box. The body and shoulder pads are from the FW World Eaters conversion set. The head is the bare head from the FW World Eaters Terminator conversion set, The hammer shaft and arm are the icon pole from a Chaos Space Marine set, the actual hammer head is made from two pieces of sprue glued together. I then added the brass and card to dress it up a bit. There is obviously a little glue to be scraped off there.

From the back, you can see his trophies. That is something I wanted every zerk to have on his jugger and I think if you have earned yourself a juggernaut, you must have a great skull-taking career. His rack includes a Marine, a rotten head, a skull and a tyranid warrior skull.

The new jugger kits are light and offer so much more frexibility in terms of dynamic position. This one's front legs don't even touch the ground. I have read a few different books where cavalry used hammers and they were either very short in the handle or very long. I thought it would look really awesome to give this guy a long hammer - the better to stamp the icon into skulls!

Here he is from the front, I cut a bolt pistol arm to fit the shoulder the way it does here, so that his arm is held out as if he is bellowing out a challenge as he charges forward. The basing here is not done, but I have been using floor laminate tiles to achieve this effect.

The second Zerk is this fellow here with the huge claws. I fought hard with myself about using these claws because they are huge - they are meant for a termie. So I cut the down and although they are still very huge, I think they work well for the aggression captured in the model.

Alright, you can see he boasts the head of a Sanguinary Guard, amoung a collection of more mundane trophies, though the other marine head comes from the Commander kit.

Once again, the leaping, charging aggression in these plastic juggers really makes them look vicious!

And here he is from the front. I used the FW kits of course for the body and pads, the bare head from the FW Lord Zhofur kit, the claws from the chaos Terminator lord, the pack is from the possessed box and overall, I am pretty happy with this model.
Putting these together was really fun. The juggers were a breeze to assemble, leave virtually no mold lines, the kit has sooo many extra parts, like extra heads for the juggers, tons of hellblades and head variants for the bloodletters who were meant to ride these. An awesome icon and an instrument - pretty well worth the cost.
Having all the forge world stuff on hand was really great as it allowed me to assemble some models I have always thought would look so cool. I think I may just paint these guys and see what happens from there. I can say that these guys have gotten me out of a funk I have been in the last couple of weeks and have inspired me to pcik up the brush again to finish off some projects I have laying around (well, I might just paint one of these guys first .... maybe !)
Feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think. Official End of Days info and details will be up tomorrow!


  1. This is really inspiring, I have been in a similar funk for a while, I might have to get back to work on my Space Wolves. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. I have been in a painting funk too. I like how they turned out. I am glad I twisted your arm to buy them

  3. Looking good! They fit quite well on the back of the Juggers and their poses look natural.