Friday, July 2, 2010

Chapterhouse Studios releases Magnetic Combi-Weapon Kits

Old School here to just drop a little GW alternative news in your lap on a Friday afternoon; Chapterhouse studios has released a magnetic combi-weapon kit that allows you to have customizable combi weapons for $7. Check it out here. Here is what they had to say:

This kit consist of one bolter combi-weapon body, one flamer attachment, one grenade launcher attachment, one plasma gun attachment and one melta gun attachment. We also include 5 rare-earth magnets that fit in the pre-drilled holes on the main body and on each attachment.

This is a pewter kit that allows you to switch out your special weapon choices anytime you want. The magnet has the strength to keep the attachments from falling off with pretty heavy handling. Coupled with our unique fitting design, there is little chance of losing the attachments when on the mini.

Check them out and let us know what you think.


  1. I'm wondering if Chapterhouse is affiliated with GW somehow because man oh man. Someone needs to call Kenny Loggins because they're in the IP danger zone. Order them quick! I'm glad to see them though, combiweapons never really got me hot and bothered but I am a sucker for cool kits like these...

  2. I want to meet the person who does get hot and bothered over combi-weapons ... on second thought, I don't.

    Seriously though, they have been rolling like this for a while and have a pretty hefty explanation on their site about why they can do this. I could care less either way, if it is good, efficient and something I want in my army (not so much with these), I'll just buy it and tell GW they should have made it themselves.

  3. Amen, OST. Just bought 8 of these! Fantastic find, thanks!

  4. Actually the price was dropped to $5.00 :)