Thursday, July 8, 2010

Agreat Paint Color Matching Tool Discovered!

If you aren't checking Mi40k out here, then you need to. They just posted a link to a great online tool for matching paint colors from different lines so you don't have to be like me; sculking around department stores with a gw pot, opening up paints and holding them up in the light while saw-toothed employees gawk at you like your going to steal their precious craft paint! Seriously it has taken me a couple years to get to know the many different brands and how the colors corrispond and what colors work best for cheaper or just plain better in each brand and they posted a link that gives you the keys to the castle!
Alright, I am rambling, go check them out again here, check out the link, follow them, add them to your blogroll, you won't be sorry!

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