Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Video Tip: Cleaning Your Metal Models Quickly with artists' soap!

Old School her with a Quick Video Tip for cleaning your metal models. Yes, before you nay-say, there is always a certain amount of releasing agent on ALL models. Plastics are not that bad, we all know (or should that resin needs a ton of scrubbing), but few people seem to know that your metal models need a good scrub to help safeguard your paintjob from easily rubbing off.
I always open my metal blisters, clip all the extra metal off, then give the metal a good scrub with my handy toothbrush and a little soap from the Hobby Lobby or local Micheal's. This soap is not only a great wat to clean your hands off after a hardcorps "Chuck Liddell of modelling" style hobby session, but it also cleans off your metal minis in seconds - Now there is no excuse for not just cleaning them in order to save yourself the frustration and ridicule of having chippy models! Enjoy the video.

Look how clean and shiny it got! Comments as always are welcome.

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  1. Thanks for raising awareness for cleaning off your models. Even your plastics should be cleaned off (Thought, honestly, its not nearly as big of a deal as the metal ones).

    Its easy to do and once you clean off one and see it go from Chainmail to Boltgun silver, you'll realize how much crap is on that mini. That stuff is an oil that is layered between your primer and your mini. Well done OST.