Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painted Vulkan He'Stan by OST

Old School here with a few photos of a Vulkan He'Stan model I painted for a guy at the FLGS. His request was that the model was done similar to the GW paintjob, but with mostly Tinbitz on the trim and with a dried lava-themed base. I figured I would give it a shot and here is how it turned out.
The model was painted Snot Green, then Highlighted Goblin with a final thin highlight of Scorpion Green (thanks for the formula Chosen1). There are areas on the head and on the shins where the highlight looks ragged and it was done on purpose to add the look that there may be a slight scale pattern-sheen to the armour. The trim was done in Tinbitz and highlighted with Dwarven Bronze. The cape was done with layers of Astronomicon Grey, followed by Codex Grey, then Bleach bone with Skull white on the highest areas. The flames on the cape were done in the reverse order of my normal flames and at first I wasn't going to add the cracked lava field look to it, but once I figured it out, I really liked what it added to the model.

He wanted the blade to be a Black Obsidian style blade, so I went very flat black with it, using trace amounts of blue and a thin blue highlight on the edge of the blade. All of the purity seals and the streamers on the spear had their script added with a Micron pen, which I like because it is quick, but it needs a coat of clear matte varnish to dull down the shinyness of the ink.

The flames were painted using the same formula I used to paint the recent Salamanders Ironclad, which used the same peice from Vulcan's backpack. I think I got a little out of had with the white near the top, but I will leave that up to the owner before re-painting that area.

There are a couple spots throughout the whole base where the lava is kind of showing through and while the owner of Vulkan said he wanted dry lava, I am sure he will be happy to see how this turned out and the element it adds to the base.

I did Vulkan's eyes in Blues rather than oranges as it seems there was way to much orange in the model and I wanted to use this and the clap on his cape as an opportunity to add a couple of complimentary colors.

All in all, I had a lot more fun with this model than I first anticipated. I have always thought it looked kind of goofy on the net, but after handling it more intimately, I rather like the model and even the oddly-grasped spear pose. It was fun, taught me a couple little techniques and while It isn't my masterpeice or anything, I am proud to turn it over to its rightful owner today!

Well that is it for now, feedback is welcome as always!


  1. Great job! I like seeing the purple scales too, I think it adds a lot to the model (I am, however, very biased on this point).

  2. That is a amazing job, you also were careful to keep all the motion going one way (flames, paper off of spear) which I appreciate because it drives me crazy when people have items blowing in different directions.

    Nice Work. I'm glad Xerohack added you guys to our blogroll or I would have missed it.

  3. How did he like it? I know you dropped it off yesterday, I missed seeing it in person. It looks great!

  4. He went crazy. He really liked it, so my job is done.

  5. Actual flames go from light to dark. The flames atop the wreath above Vulcan's head are not realistically colored at all.