Sunday, May 2, 2010

Painting goal

I just finished a display board today because I want the guard to travel in style and I was bored, didn't feel like painting and have never made a display board.

After I made it, of course I set up the whole 1850 on there and basked in it's glory only to realize that I still have about 30% of it unpainted/unfinished! Here's the army on its board:

I have to make this a resolution because as opposed to my previous few months of painting there is a new development, notice the car seat for a clue. That really puts a damper on my time I can spend painting and my use of performance enhancing drugs. Old me, would have done this in a day, new me gets to paint 3 minutes out of every hour.

Now I put this all together because its a list I'll be running in any of the tournaments at GenCon, I wanted to have a display board despite not even needing to be painting for my own pride and vanity. GenCon is August 5th so I have until then to paint:

2 Manticores
1 Hydraflak
9 Sanctioned Psykers
1 Overseer
1 Las Cannon Team
find and paint 2 mystics
find and paint 1 heirophant
find and paint 1 astropath
1 Vendetta
6 Plasmagun Cadians

This isn't too much of a self challenge but with an infant it should prove interesting. Can I complete it? Will my work lose quality in direct relation to lost sleep? Will my models have spit up all over them? Will I lose my mind and play eldar? I'll Keep you posted on progress!!


  1. I like that display board. I've always wanted to build one when I paint an army.

  2. I definitely could have put more effort in it but i just wanted something quick and easy. It doesnt fit my city fight theme so ill for sure be making a more city fight like one.