Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tyranid Spore Pod Alternative video walkthrough: Plasma Hatchers

Old School here with a quick video to show what can be done with Plasma Hatchers as Spore Pod models. I know I have posted about plasma hatchers and these actual pods I built and painted before, but I wanted to get them on video for folks who are considering buying an alternative model to fill in until GW releases an actual spore pod model.
In the video Farseer Rerolls and I talk about the pods as models, our likes and dislikes and how they were converted. I do have to say that I found mine on Ebay, paid about $6-$7 a peice for 5 of them and paid an additional $6 to ship them. They come from England, so expect a 2-3 week ship time, but to get a mass amount of pods cheap that don't look that bad, this is the most efficient way I have found. Check out the video:

As always, thoughts, comments and feedback are always welcome!

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  1. The best thing for me is that these don't require the time and effort that the other decent-looking scratch-build out there require.

    Slap it on a base, do a decent paint job on it, and you're done! To me, these benefits make this the best option for a spore pod out there. Yours looks really nice also.

    Great job.