Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Imp Guard sets up for Advance!

Alright Guard fans, just in case you don't subscribe to the GW newletter, I have some good news for you! Your new vehicle kits are up for advance order. That is right there is a new Manticore/ Deathstrike kit (Ork players rejoice as well ... 50 bucks might be a little pricey for bits though) and a new Russ kit with sprues to make the additional variants and of course ...

Knight Commander Pask (Lord Solar Steve rejoice!)

That is all for now, stay tuned.


  1. Have to say I do not really like the look of either of those. Manticore is better than the deathstrike though. The Deathstrike just does not belong in 40K games except maybe as objectives. The barely belong on the table in Epic games. Ofcourse most of the guard artillery should be off table.

  2. why is Pask's hand so big

  3. I just do not feel that the artillery/Intercontential Ballistic missiles should be on the field of in what is still really a skirmish game sized board. You are not indirect firing an artillery piece at something 150 yards away. Everything should be either direct fire or off the board support. But ofcourse off the board support does not need models so GW is not really down with that.