Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scibor: Artist of the Week and great custom bits

Old School here with the Artist of the Week: Scibor of Scribor's Monstrous Miniatures! This week, I am not only going to show off a portion of this artists word, but I will highlight some of the conversion items the artist sells on his web site. Let's take a look. Above is an amazing take on Thunderwolf Cavalry. The rider and the wolf appear to be original sculpts with lots of small-detail sculpting and press molding.

This photo look like a dark twist on the Master of the Ravenwing and is surely an imposing model on the table.

This mini highlights much of what you can find of Scibor's work on Coolminiornot and on Ebay for that matter - his original sculpted models that could make amazing Space Marine. While most of this level work from Scribor is out of control expensive for the average hobbyist, the items below are reletively affordable for those looking for custom stuff to make their army shine.

These side panels look great and are sure to make most Marine players drool!

These Templar shoulder pads are sure to make Captain Obvious for up his $7 for some of these!

And yes, I will be forking over some of my own for these for my fledging 13th Company Wolves

... and the Celtic Shields!

Huge Templar shields!

Smaller, but still large Templar shields!

Now we get into his bases. I have featured some his possessed looking bases, but he offers them in all type and they are all impressive.

Look at that!

mmm ... disemboweled corpses ...
With all that said, whether you want to buy some sick conversion bits or bases or maybe you just want to have your hair blown back (or stubble in the case of Capt. O) by some Crazy minis, check out or look at his work at coolminiornot by searching Scibor in the artist catagory. Have fun, wear a bib and as always, comments are welcome!


  1. A heads up dude - I am pretty sure it is Scibor not Scribor and the link you have supplied is dead - take out the r and it works.

  2. Thanks dude. I don't know why I wanted that R to be in there so bad. I think it is that we were sponsored by the letter R tonight and the number 7, so I guess they just needed to weasel their way in there somehow. Anyway, problem fixed. Thanks Pom.

  3. I've used some of Scibor's products, and I must say I am amazingly pleased with them! I highly recommend his services/products!

  4. These are some fantastic looking miniatures, really makes you motivated to try that much harder when doing your own work.