Monday, April 5, 2010

New Take on Emperor's Champion

Captain Obvious here,

Since my latest game with my Black Templars counts as Blood Angels i have been inclined to start making my Templars around this aspect. Since i will be running The Sanguniar i have come up with some cool ideas for the army. Since the Sanguniar makes one of my Sgt. a beast i came up with the idea of have that be the Emperor's champion. Im trying to keep with the templar fluff as much as possible so an Emperor's champion will have to be included in this army some how, i just wasnt sure how. Till i came up with that idea. Im painting it a bit differently than a normal Emperor's champion, Why? BECAUSE I CAN.....ITS MY CHAPTER LOL. Heres some pics of the champ so far:


  1. Are you going to equip all of your Sergeants like that just in case they get picked? The codex says to *randomly* select a Sergeant, meaning the choice isn't up to you.

    Would be kind of awesome to have every sergeant similarly equipped, then just swap out the model with this more epic one to signify who got the Sanguinor's Blessing.

  2. Thats what im doing. Since i just relized that i cant "Pick" the Sgt. Im just Making them all Power Sword/Bolt pistol. Then changing my priests to power fist/bolt pistol. Only down fall is the priests are ICs :(