Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More new Nids! My 1st Tervigon painted!

Old School here with another peice of my Tyranid puzzle in place: My first Tervigon! This bad momma is painted in the same Hive Fleet Kraken style as my Trygon/mawloc (though the camera doesn't do me any favors here). She really was a joy to finish and her sister is downstairs also awaiting the brush!

I know most people for some reason balk at the idea of a nid with 8 arms, but I think the hive mind is capable of breaking the norm and besides ... those creepy little hands just remind me of Mr Burns from the Simpsons plotting "Yes, Smithers ..."

One of my favorite parts to this model is the base. I haven't really messed around with static grass a whole lot, but between this and the Mawloc model, it is dtarting to grow on me.

Yes, last but not least, what momma could go on to the FLGS showcase without taking a few of her beloved offspring with her. Hopefully, you like the new nids so far. Don't worry I am working on either a lightbox or a natural light lamp to improve the photo quality (red sucks in photos). Comments appreciated as always.

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