Friday, April 30, 2010

Dark Eldar Warrior details from BoLS/ discussion

Thanks to Captain Obvious and our blog's love for the evil elves, we will continue to repost rumours wherever we hear them and ask our Dark Eldar audience (14% of you from our last poll) what you think of them. Here is what BoLS posted last:
"The first batch of Dark Eldar model rumors are making the rounds... Yummy! They are said to be VERY CLOSE to the warrior shown on p.174 of the warhammer 40k rulebook.

Rumors via Dakka's Waaagh_Gonads:

The warriors are not striding forward and hunched over like they are about to tip over- legs are laid out in a wide stance and the models are much, much better proportioned than the old ones, so no more legs that go all the way up and tiny torsos.
Helmets and non helmeted heads included.
Non helmeted head has a high ponytail.
Ribs/shards of bone poke through loincloths and the ponytail.
The helmets are pretty much identical to the above pic, but with lumps/gems over the ears/temples.
From behind the helmets look exactly like eldar guardian ones.
There is a gem/soulstone on the left chest armour- not the shoulder armour piece as per the above pic.
This is where you have to use your imagination as the pic doesn't show it: On the back there is a backpack that looks like it started as an eldar backpack but does not stick out as far, has vestigal 'vanes' compared to the eldar one (so doesn't stick up above the shoulder) and most excellently down the centre of the backpack, it is recessed with scaled armour over the spine (triangular scales with points downwards)
A high collar that flanges out
Rifle is almost exactly the same as the pic for the base model, even down to the jagged bit that pokes up in front of the warriors abdomen in the pic. There is a variant with what looks to be crossbow arms sticking out laterally (ends up looking like a mini anchor)
Attachable Loincloths (variable designs) One has a skull, one a hook on them.
As per the pic, greaves over the lower legs, then knee pads and scales over the upper legs, with points upwards.
Knife scabbard, 2 'rods' and 2 small sachels on the 'utility belt' posteriorly
Blades of differing lengths and size on various armour parts, primarily lower legs and shoulder pads.
Curved knife HW available.
Attachable blades for the end of splinter rifle"

Let's hear your thoughts DFG fans!


  1. I've been wanting to start a DE army for an incredibly LONG time, but have been putting it off because I was reluctant to put the amount of effort required toward making a good looking army (i.e. converting wyches that aren't teh suk, swapping limbs with Dark Elves from WHFB, etc). Now I can't wait to start collecting. I'm sorely tempted to start buying up some DE models, but would like to know if & what models are going to be redone. I don't have any particular complaints about the raiders/reavers...

  2. You and me both brother! Perhaps you would like to enter the give-away. I am not opposed to somebody wanting a talos conversion from a Wraithlord build!

  3. Not entirely sure what you're talking about with a giveaway, but is an awesome idea w/ the Wraithlord. I always thought that model was better designed/more intimidating than the existing Talos one.

  4. Well im happy we are getting new warriors. Im just hoping they will be right. If they have chick warriors im going to be pissed as hell. I love the idea of putting your own sspiky bits on. Seeing as 50% of all my splinter rifles are broken because of the blade on the end.

    Id also love to see the splinter rifle turned into 18" S3 AP5 assault 2. Theere is no need for them to be rapid fire.